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    My first castings.

    A friend of mine gave me a gallon of Silmar 41 casting resin... he doesn't like the smell and since his shop is more closed up than mine, the odor lingers longer and also permeates his living quarters which are just off his shop. So I tried it out and cast some bottle stopper blanks. Of the...
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    Remember these toys of yesteryear

    These were the second preferred toys when I was in grammar school... first being marbles... thought these might be a fun thing to offer in my booth this summer... First is oak, second is a scrap from a glue up I did for a pepper mill, Maple and spectraply Crossbones and Red Ryder, third is...
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    New pepper mills for my Holiday Market

    Finished these last night... 3 crush grind and 3 crank pepper mills... two of the CG's are from woods I've had laying about for a while.. the Elm is from the tree outside my shop... it dropped a 10' limb earlier this summer and it just happened to be over 3" diameter, so perfect for mills... the...
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    Need laser engraving

    I have a customer making inquiries about having one of my gavels laser engraved with initials... I don't have a laser, anyone close to me in Tennessee interested? If so PM me with turn around and your charges. Thanks Chuck
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    My art show entry

    I'm showing at the local art guild spring art show... Just finished this piece in time for the show and it won....
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    More pepper mills

    for the upcoming market... I finished these 9 mills this week... finally got them photographed and listed on ETSY. 34-3656 is Bubinga and Wenge with Maple accent - 10" tall 34-3657 is Wenge, Ash with purpleheart accent - 12" tall 34-3658 is pau santo wiand spectraqply crossbone - 9 1/4" tall...
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    Another batch of pepper mills

    ready for the market. All are finished with 2 coats of sanding sealer, then rubbed with my version of homemade Yorkshire grit, then 3 coats of wipe on poly. 1. Andiroba - 10 inctes tall 2. A 2x2 block of Spectraply Dark Aqua with Ash overlay - 90 1/2" tall 3. My version of worthless wood -...
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    New liine of pepper mills

    for the upcoming farmer's market... starts in May, but wanted to build a little inventory ahead... The first one is a glue up of Maple and Spectraply...a crush grind mill. The rest are midi crank mills.... nice little mills and are received well at the market. The first four are from a block of...
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    Termite tool

    This is a tool most likely never used in pen turning, but a few years back I bought a OneWay Termite ring tool for hollowing goblet and end grain bowls... recently I broke one of the ring tips. My tool came with 2 tips, I'm pretty sure a #1 and a #2.... not sure which I broke as the one I still...
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    A new batch of pepper mills

    Trying to keep up with my inventory... last three weeks or so have sold a number of the mills and my inventory got a little low... these are the latest. The walnut one I'm a little embarrassed over...:cool: I was going for a rocket ship, but don't think it turned out quite that way... may not...
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    This is my latest batch of pepper mills

    Getting ready for a show at the local Mall next weekend... haven't heard for sure that I've been accepted, but they have asked me several times to participate, so decided to this year... It's inside the mall and runs from 10 am to 9 pm... going to be a loooooong day. Can't let Dianne go with me...
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    I had a vision

    and this was it, at 7:30 pm 25 years ago, I watched this lady walk down the aisle...
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    A few more mills.

    Continued.. Cherry, Cocobolo over Spectraply Tigerwood, Spectraply Tigerwood over Cocobolo. Again about 10 inches tall and finished is sanding sealer and wipe on poly.
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    Spring is coming up fast and so are my shows...

    My first market show at Market Square is on May 6th... first Saturday and then every Saturday until Thanksgiving... first batch of pepper mills ... Spalted Pecan, Spectraply Autumn, Spectraply Coffee, Spectraply Nutmeg, Spectraply Land and sea, Black Walnut, Spalted Silver Maple, Wild Cherry...
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    Perfectly good glasses broken so I can fix them

    Here are some more sets of perfectly good glasses that I broke so I could fix them... I used Spectraply colored laminate woods for the stems and finished with two coats of Old Masters Sanding Sealer and 3 coats of Minwax wipe on poly. The glasses themselves all came from a local Dollar General.
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    Just puttering around in the shop

    Last week got in a little putter time in the shop ... these bowls are all spalted Sycamore except number 4... it's spalted Poplar. They vary in size from about 7 1/2 inches to 11 inches. Not sure which now, but several have been cored from the larger bowls using my Woodcut coring tool...
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    My sentiments exactly

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    Still doing my pepper mills....

    These are some I've made up for the Holiday Market in Knoxville...May have been an exercise in futility... I've come down with a cold and this weekend is shaping up to be a cold one and the following has freezing rain predicted... I may have to woose out on both weekends.... maybe they can sell...
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    For those who may have attended classes at Aramont in Gatlinburg... just heard on the news that Gatlinburg is having a number of wild fires in and around the area and that several of the classroom buildings and dormitories at Aramont have been destroyed. We had some winds last night that...
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    Still more mills

    Also have 4 of the little 6" midi crank operated mills from PSI... these are about finished also... Walnut, Spalted Elm, Spalted sycamore and Bradford pear. Not a lot of spalting in the sycamore, just a little around the bottom.
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