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  1. Barnmb7117

    Bandera, TX

    Hi, I will be in Bandera, Tx March 25 - 30th any place I should go to get some pretty wood?
  2. Barnmb7117

    pencil problem

    I bought some PK-PCL pencil kits from Penn state and the Pencil mechanism does not fit through the center band. is anybody else having a problem? I call Penn State and they said that some of the kits are off on the inside diameter of the center band causing the problem.
  3. Barnmb7117

    Penn State new catalog Back To Basics

    I don't get there pricing on page 2. NEW Ebonite pen blanks buy 8 for $60.40 BUT if you add them up at the $6.45 price for 8 it comes to $51.60. So how are you saving $4.00? Item 2. Rhino pen blanks series 2. page 2 Item WXRB299 pack of 8 $22.60 save $2.00 BUT if you add them up at the $2.75...
  4. Barnmb7117

    Hi from Chicago

    Hi My name is Mike I am 61 and I live in Chicago but spend my summers in Weyauwega, WI on the Wolf river. I am on disability and on 12/20/2016 I had my left knee replaced been in a lot of pain but I am getting better. I have never turned anything and just bought my first lathe with the...
  5. Barnmb7117

    Red Oak pen blanks

    I don't know if this is in the right spot or not. I was look in my new Grizzly catalog and I notice they had Red Oak pen blanks 5 for $1.50. The item # is D3057. Is this a good deal?
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