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    Can This Be Stabilized?

    Ive actually done this with pieces thats fell apart they were so rotten. Wound up looking excellent. I called it my zombie pen because it came back from death.
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    No or very small CJ Penetration

    Even 10% moisture is too much. Bake the blanks before you stabilise them, cool them in the oven, store in a ziplock if not doing them right away. The moisture will boil out and force the CJ back out when curing if not removed.
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    Dark Style

    Try adding a white outline to the logo so it will stand out with either background.
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    Allergic reaction to wood.

    Might want to look into a product like Liquid Glove to make a temporary barrier on the skin for work.
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    Wanted spalted sweet gum blanks

    These are all I know for sure is sweetgum that I have stabilized. I have a ton of it unstabilized but no current plans to do more at this time.
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    Wanted spalted sweet gum blanks

    I will see what I have. PM me your address and Ill try to get a few sent your way.
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    Wanted spalted sweet gum blanks

    I might have a few to spare. I grew up next door in Jacksonville, now I live near Atlanta. Are you going to stabilize them or do you need stabilized blanks?
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    Sometimes, Life Gets In the Way...

    Im sure we are all hoping things are looking up for you from now on. Take care!
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    Another use for my segmenting sled

    Might be interesting to to a little contouring on a project like that like intarsia gets.
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    Well... that's a kick in the n**s

    A couple of toothpicks jammed in should do the job.
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    Photos to Computer??

    Have you tried Vuescan? Its likely to be compatible with your OS and will be able to run your scanner. I think its still a free download so it should cost nothing but time to try.
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    Segmented Bowl

    Looks very good. Keep it in a controlled climate as the wedgie segment style bottoms have been known to split over time. American Association of Woodturners have a Segmentation section you might be interested in looking in on to get more ideas...
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    I’m Seeing Red!

    Works with any camera, ipad included. Just needs a sheet of polarizing material over the light source and one held over the camera lens rotated till the reflections fade out. Hard part is finding the polarizing material.
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    Favorite sandwich

    Thick slab of beefsteak tomato with a slice of cheese and pineapple with mayo. Yum! Perfect summertime treat.
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    I’m Seeing Red!

    Darn good finish! If you really want to get rid of the reflections research the use of crossed polarizers for photographic lighting. Should give the bright colors of the first shot without the bright reflections.
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    Tighter tolerance for drill bits

    The material you are drilling into has a big effect too. Hard stock like some exotic woods and plastics will stay a bit loose and the same bit drilling a soft wood can be too tight from the fibers relaxing into the hole.
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    Bowl Turning Chuck Problem

    Looks like from the picture it has straight sided jaws with no knurls or ribs to grip with. That and tommy bars are not the greatest for applying pressure to the jaws. If you are intent on doing bowls in the future do some research on quality chucks. I have nova chucks with dovetail jaws and...
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    Rockler Flat Top Pen - Confused

    I think you might have the ring on backwards. The big inner diameter if I remember right hangs over to cover the lower barrel. Thats why the instructions dont make sense, you should be turning to the tube for the narrow part of the trim ring
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    Peachtree Woodworking Buffing System, aka Beall 3 in 1

    Ive had mine for years, never had a problem. Just keep it clean.
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    Messing up acrylic

    I learned recently that a negative rake scraper does a good job on plastics. If you have one or can make one try it. Theres been negative rake carbide inserts available lately, something to check out.
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