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    aristocrat cigar

    Box elder burl this time. Almost a hidden seam.;)
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    Hobby CNC mill

    Anyone here get involved in any of the small hobby sized CNC mini milling machines? I got one of the 2418 models that is a DIY set. Kinda like a big boy's erector set. It tried my patience but I got it together. Only has a 7" x 4" working area and the depth is about 1.5". I have wanted for...
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    Infinity Mirror

    Finally finished this project. Turned out well I think. Was going to be a table. But I decided on a combination setup that can hang on the wall or stand upright. Mirror is 12" square, overall 16" square. Cherry wood with redheart inlays. The lights are LEDs with a programmable display that...
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    Just a stick of wood...

    ...that now happens to look like a cigar.:biggrin:Had this one prepped for a while and decided the grain was too plain to look like tobacco. So, not a pen, just a stick. Black acacia wood btw. The sap wood is next to the ashes.
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    CAO Gold Corona

    The wood is thuya burl, 54 ring x 5" long
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    A Perdomo cigar

    After researching this one it looked like the top was more flat than usual. So, I made it that way. Maple burl, stabilized. A 56 x 6" Dale
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    collet set

    Hello friends! Can anyone point me to a collet set or just the collet holder that would fit in the MT2? I probably don't need a whole set but I guess untill I buy 3 or 4 sizes I may as well. I want to be able to use it on both ends of the lathe so just a 1x8 setup won't do. Also, does anyone...
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    La Tradicion (cigar that is)

    Got the itch to make another one. Torpedo stye this time. It is about a 60 x 7", redwood burl not stabilized. Jr Gent II chrome kit. Finished with thin CA and 2 coats of matte acrylic. Dale
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    Cigar ashes

    Does the one on the bottom look more realistic? Trying a different approach.
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    Had these cutoffs for a while and decided to make these trump markers. And by the way, I was too cheap to spend $2 on a new deck of cards so I used these.:biggrin: Lay it over with the suite up and no more...'what's trump?'
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    3 what?

    I had this crazy idea that I wanted to make a 3 sided drill through ornament. This was a real treat to drill on the lathe!:eek: I got this far but now what to do to finish it? There are 2 coats of CA on the inside and outside, using a q-tip. This is African mahogany. Blank was about 2.2" on...
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    Christmas Ornaments

    After I saw these demonstrated last month I had to try it. These are called cross-drilled or drill-through ornaments. The extra snowman is waiting for me to make one large enough for him to fit inside. I need another forstner bit.:cool: BTW, the snowman with the red and black hat has a pipe...
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    cleaning sandpaper

    Well, this I discovered by pure dumb luck. Some of you may already know this but.......... I now know one way to clean my sandpaper. Recently I've been working with some thuya burl and as you know it is oily. So much so that my disks get clogged real quick and the regular sandpaper eraser will...
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    One of my favorites...

    Nibblin' on sponge cake Watchin' the sun bake ............................................... ............................................................. Smell those shrimp they're beginnin' to boil
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    curly maple cigar pen

    Well, I think it is curly maple.:biggrin: Ya see, I was at a wood turners auction this past summer and there was a slice of wood laying on a bench. I picked it up and asked Bill about it and he said he was waiting for someone to take it home. I'd like to find the rest of the tree because it...
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    I finally finished this project. The real reason it took so long is that I was constantly trying to work out the process in my head and decide if it was safe. These are the blanks I use for the cigar pens. My process is to glue the pieces, sand the sides even, mark and drill the ends with a...
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    Her mind is Tiffany-twisted

    ....she got the Mercedes bends
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    New respect for maple burl

    This has so much character all the way around. I don't usually work this wood as it seems to have too much tendency to warp and twist, even stabilized. Dale
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    Sierra grip spectrum

    This is a difficult one to photograph. In the wrong light the rainbow colors do not show up. I ended up using some thin CA to get this alumalite to shine. In the end I think it was worth the trouble. Thanks for looking! Dale
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    Can you see my seams?

    Two recent ones. Trying to clean up some older ones that were never completed. Thuya on the left and black acacia on the right.
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