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    I'm back!

    Greetings friends!, At 65 years of age as of this past April, I am having health issues which sometimes keep me from being able to work and do pens. I have also been in Bible College and Seminary for the past few years and that has kept me pretty busy too. But, I am back and making pens...
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    New Minister

    The reason that I have been absent for most of the past two years is because at 62-63 years of age I went back to Bible College and Seminary. I now have my AS degree in Theology and am currently working on my BS in Christian Counseling. Time was very short because I was doing jail ministry and...
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    I have been gone for nearly two years. Been very busy with school which at my age has been a real challenge. Got my AS in Theology and now working on BS in Christian Counseling which is great. I turned a couple of pens over the last couple of weeks and absolutely loved it. I hope to back to...
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    Ultra Cigar

    I really, really like these gold ultra cigars. Did this one with patriotic acrylic blanks and it made a nice looking pen.
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    Patriotic Triton

    Yes, I do love the Triton and have done numerous ones in silver but never in gold until now. This one speaks for itself. Gold Triton rollerball in Patriotic acrylic blanks.
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    Cambridge in gunmetal with Titanium gold trim. Was asked to make this for a Texas A&M fan so I used the maroon with white ribbon acrylic blank for this pen. This was my first experience with the Cambridge and I like it a lot. Turned out fairly well.
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    Gold Ultra Cigar

    I really like the Cigars and this ultra is really nice. I think they call it an Amethyst silk purple blank. Turned out fairly well.
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    Patriotic Cigar

    This Patriotic Kirinite acrylic blank really looks great on this gold Cigar. I really like these cigars and only flipped the bushings on two so far. Yep, I sure did and hate it but love the kit anyway.
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    Ben Box Mini Laser Engraver

    I was interested in hearing more about that mini laser engraver. More specifically, the good and bad of it. Whether or not it is worth the investment and what alternatives there might be? General thoughts and ideas welcome here.
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    First Honduran Rosewood Burl

    This is the first time that I have used a Honduran Rosewood Burl blank. I put it on a Majestic JR fountain pen and it turned out really well. This was a single blank and the color variation is just the way that it worked out.
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    First Cocobolo

    This my first attempt at using Cocobolo. It went on a Majestic pen and is finished with Pens Plus instead of CA. I certainly got an education about using Cocobolo and how caustic the wood is. The dust is absolutely an irritant for those of us with allergies and I will wear a mask henceforth. All...
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    Bright Copper Fat Cigar Steam Punk

    This was sent to me when I was first starting to make pens back in Aug. I just now got the confidence built up to do it. This was a gift from a good friend who made the blanks and sent them to me along with the kit. I knew it was special and that it was going to make a unique and beautiful pen...
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    Pens For Patriots

    I finished the last of the 10 pens that I am doing yesterday and will be sending them off soon. My 10 pen contribution to Service Pens. I did 5 Chrome and 5 Black Creekline Slimlines for Pens For Patriots. God bless our heroes in uniform.
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    Paint pot

    Has anyone used or know about this particular paint pot? TCP Global® 10L-(2-1/2 Gallon) Pressure Pot Paint Tank with Regulator Pressure Gauge for Large Volume Painting and Autobody Saw it on Amazon and was thinking about it.
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    Air Comprssors

    I am needing to get a new air compressor as my little pancake is only producing about 40lbs at best and is extremely noisy. My dilemma is that I am a novice when it comes to tools and the quality of tools. So, is something like a Kobalt from Lowes going to be on par or as good as say the...
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    Merry Christmas

    Friends, Just a few short months ago I joined this group to learn about making pens. I had no clue how to do anything and was quite literally, completely clueless. With tremendous ambition but zero knowledge of wood working or using tools, I started reading and following pen makers and...
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    1st Fountain Pens

    I did my first two fountain pens today. 22K Gold and Rhodium Majestic on Bethlehem Olive Wood. I was extremely nervous as could be before I did the first one but jumped in and did it. I really, really like these.
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    2 Slimlines from today

    The first is a Rose Gold Slimline on Hawaii Tychee, the second is a Titanium Nitride and I'm not sure what the wood is. I chose to make custom center bands out of Maple for both pens which I think adds character and distinction to them.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I just want to let my IAP family know how much you mean to me. Yes, a couple of months ago I started posting and didn't know a nib from a knot. I bugged you to death with silly questions (and probably will again) and you all stepped up and gave of your time, your hearts, and even your personal...
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    Gunmetal Bolt Action

    This Right To Keep And Bear Arms blanks looks great on this Gunmetal Bolt Action. Really made a nice pen.
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