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  1. m4skinner

    watch part blacks

    I have a few Jr series watch part blanks available. They are $70.00 per set plus shipping. They are cast in liquid diamonds. The sets are number so if your interested just let me know what number(s) .
  2. m4skinner

    We're BACK! - Check In

    how is it this is the first time seeing the thread ? I have been on here every day since the change and there was one a couple of new post till today, today when I click new post there is a whole page of them post or threads.
  3. m4skinner

    new blanks

    I do, I can cast for about any kit.
  4. m4skinner

    Fan favorite pen from MPG Chicago 2019

    thanks everybody.
  5. m4skinner

    Fan favorite pen from MPG Chicago 2019

    Here is the pen I did with one of my watch part blanks I made for the Best Rollerball / Fountain Pen contest at MPG 2019, I didn't win that contest but it did win the fan favorite and I was so surprised, thanks for all the votes.
  6. m4skinner

    Hello from Central Illinois

    welcome from Ohio
  7. m4skinner

    Wanted Wolf themed pen

    I don't have a pic of a wolf blank but if you click the link to my page you can see many of the blanks I have made.
  8. m4skinner

    Wanted Wolf themed pen

    a kit no, but if you would want a wolf themed blank I could help you with that.
  9. m4skinner

    future meetings

    are we still on for April 20th ?
  10. m4skinner

    Hello from southern Ohio

    welcome from Zanesville
  11. m4skinner

    MPG is given a lathe! THANK YOU, JET!!

    hopefully me.
  12. m4skinner

    MPG 2019 Blank LOTTO... A MUST SEE!!!

    I'll be adding a blank or blanks as well.
  13. m4skinner

    future meetings

    we'll try to be there for them.
  14. m4skinner

    2019 Mug Time!

    order placed
  15. m4skinner

    US Navy NNPTC Pen Blanks

    I can help you out.
  16. m4skinner

    Next Ohio Mtg: November 10, 2018

    doesn't look like we will get to make it, was hoping to but maybe next time.
  17. m4skinner

    Next Ohio Mtg: November 10, 2018

    pretty sure he will be there on saturday also.
  18. m4skinner


    the stickers are most likely lifting from around the tube, so I would put just a drop on ca under the sticker. I have done that on the stamp blanks I have made on the corners.
  19. m4skinner

    Hello from Ohio

    welcome from Zanesville
  20. m4skinner

    Wanted Beauty and The Beast

    pm sent.
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