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  1. Timber Ripper

    Is a respirator necessary when turning Acrylics?

    I've been dealing with sinus issues for about 6 weeks now. Just about the same amount of time that I started turning more and more acrylics. Coincidence? I don't use a respirator or dust mask because they are two restrictive and causes my glasses to fog. And Honestly? I just hate wearing one...
  2. Timber Ripper

    Phoenix Rising - Broken clip

    Can anyone suggest what I should do about resolving the broken clip on this Phoenix rising pen. It was a gift to my son. He said that when he went to clip it on the inside pocket of his jacket, it snapped off. He doesn't recall over extending it causing it to break. Anyway, it is what it is...
  3. Timber Ripper

    Old Hippie

    He turned thirty five last Sunday In his hair he found some gray _____________________________ I heard this one this morning which I haven't heard in a very long time. its been stuck in my head all day. So, I thought I'd share and get it stuck in everyone else's head :biggrin:
  4. Timber Ripper

    Open for suggestion on displaying Bog Oak

    I received the Bog Oak blanks from TWVAMAN (Ireland) I'd hate to waste any of this ancient wood with expeirmentation. So I'm hoping someone here can share their experience with this wood. I'd appreciate anyone's suggestions, recommendations or ideas for kits and finish suited to best display...
  5. Timber Ripper

    First Seam ripper

    My wife has been asking for a seam ripper since I ventured into this new hobby a little over a year ago. So I thought I'd post the outcome. She and I are both happy with the way it came out. I know, I know... need to work my Photography.
  6. Timber Ripper

    Need help with wood ID

    I found this piece of interesting wood in my box of blanks and considering pairing it with a sierra chrome kit and gifting ot to a co-worker who is moving on. When i gift a pen, I like to inform the recipient of the type of wood it 'tis made from,, Any help with identifying this piece would be...
  7. Timber Ripper

    The outcome of a snowy weekend

    Since this past weekends snow was not worthy of spinning up the snow blower. I spun up the lathe instead. The Phoenix Rising was requested by my 13 yr old The 24kt Tudor was requested by my 15 yr old These were all TBC Patrizio 24kt gold/Bubinga - CA finish Slimline Satin Nickel/lacewood -...
  8. Timber Ripper

    Wanted 60 Degree Drive Center

    I'm having trouble locating a 60 degree drive center or may also be referred to as a "dead center" like shown in the picture. PSI only carries the spur'd type. I'm looking to turn between centers.
  9. Timber Ripper

    Police service pen made from cutoffs

    1.5" Stars blank used for top and 1.5" Thin blue line blank used for bottom. I thought this was a good combination for a twist pen since the orientation doesn't matter. These were two cutoffs from single body pens I made previously. Patrizio twist pen kit from PSI
  10. Timber Ripper

    Pro Grade Moisture meter

    I have a GE Protimeter Surveymaster moisture meter that I purchased for over $500 in 2008 when I was in the Home Inspection business. Probably only used it 3 or 4 time. Like new - has been stored without battery installed $175 OBO PM if interested
  11. Timber Ripper

    St. Patty's / Birthday Gift Pen

    Yesterday was my sister in-laws 50th Birthday and she takes her Saint Patricks day very serious. I made her this Celtic Rollerball pen with Stabilized Green Buckeye.
  12. Timber Ripper

    First Successful CA finish

    Thanks to all the helpful tips posted here on CA finish. I was finally able to apply a CA Finish worthy of earning a Pen kit to show it off on. Unfortunately, despite insuring it was aligned and the tube was clear of any glue or burrs, the end blew out while pressing on the tip. The blank is...
  13. Timber Ripper

    $70 Mini Laser Engraver

    Jut thought I'd share this link for an inexpensive Laser Engraver from China. Also, If anyone already has experience with one of these or similar please...
  14. Timber Ripper

    My first two pens

    Hi All, After countless hours of watching Youtube on wood/pen turning along with a hint or two to my wife towards wanting a lathe for Christmas. AND gathering up the basic accessories - Below is the outcome of my very first two pens. The pen orders have gone through the roof.. Lets see, the...
  15. Timber Ripper

    Hello from Burlington, NJ

    Hi All, I just found this forum and I think its the greatest thing since Youtube. I am very new to wood turning and have been wanting to get into it for years. Looking forward to learning from all of you experienced turners.
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