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  1. Marmotjr

    Stripped Quill

    Noticed tonight the threads that hold the bolt that tightens the quill down have stripped out. Yes, user error, I may have been applying a bit too much pressure. TurnCrafter 10" VS. Suggestions? For clarification, the female end that is cast into the tail stock has stripped, not the bolt.
  2. Marmotjr

    New Sub forum

    I think it's time we get a Laser engraver subforum. There are threads on this topic spread all over the site, some with duplicate info. There are also threads that should be separate threads, but poster's are unwilling to start a new thread slightly different than an existing one. A sub...
  3. Marmotjr

    Laminated stand

    Please excuse me if this has has been discussed before, but I can't think of search terms that will get a good result on this site, as "pen stand design" tends to return quite a few results, as in most of the threads on here :). I'm thinking of doing a bent lamination pen stand. A couple...
  4. Marmotjr

    Bottle stoppers out of round?

    Picked up one of the PSI bottle stopper kits, including chuck, stoppers, blanks, tap, etc. I had been messing around using the silicone stoppers on the dowels, and just using raw cork (Hint, corks compress or expand depending on how they are mounted or at what RPM they are spun, makes for a...
  5. Marmotjr

    Shellac on Bottle stoppers

    Yes, straight shellac on a bottle stopper is a dumb idea. But what about putting shellac under Poly? I'd try CA, but I'm almost out, and the geometry of this one would be a pain for CA to spread nicely. Will the alcohol of the container penetrate the Poly and mess up the shellac?
  6. Marmotjr


    So it seems Photobucket is no longer allowing hot linking photos from their site with the free accounts. They are now requiring $300 a year for this service. I've noticed a couple older threads here have images blocked because of this. I'd recommend finding other free sites, like imgur...
  7. Marmotjr

    Giant Jam Chuck

    Just realized I never posted this here. If you need a way to stabilize a sketchy Bowl or something, use a giant jam chuck on the tailstock. Where does one find a giant jam chuck? Walmart carries them for like $5. Yes, that's a 9" tennis ball.
  8. Marmotjr

    Mother's Day Segmented Mug

    Maple base, segments include Paduak, Walnut, Larch, Tulipwood, Rosewood, Mahogany, Chechum, Bubinga, Bird's Eye Maple, Yellowheart, Locust, and a couple other's I can't remember.
  9. Marmotjr

    Segmented Bowl

    Maple Base and Rim, Pine segments, 75+ year old reclaimed Larch for the dividers.
  10. Marmotjr

    Fractional Calculator

    Was in Home Depot today picking up some odds and ends, and I just happened to be browsing the hardware section when I noticed they had a Fractional Calculator marked way down. It is normally $20, they had it marked for $3. I figured I couldn't lose. Playing with it, it will take a little...
  11. Marmotjr

    Planer Stand

    It's in production! I'll photos when it's done! Maybe a video too?
  12. Marmotjr

    Lathe Thickness Sander.

    Got mine fully running today. It's been a 6 month deal, making a bit here or there. It's been running for about a month or so, but I only sanded a few segmented rings with it. Today I planed down some 3/4 stock to remove a severe cup and bow. I won't do that again. That's why I'm ordering...
  13. Marmotjr

    Salt Shaker Help

    I have a nice piece of sycamore that I turned into a salt shaker. Basically it's a lidded box with holes drilled in the lid. On the initial turning, the lid fit tight enough, but as I'm finishing it, it's come loose. It's perfectly tight enough to be a lidded box, but as a salt shaker, it...
  14. Marmotjr

    DIY Sharpening system

    So after murdering my tools for the last six months, I finally built a sharpening system based on the Wolverine system. I do have my own 3d printer, so that played big part in it, but there's nothing you couldn't make out of wood. In fact, I based the Verigrind design on a youtube video of...
  15. Marmotjr

    Tube Buffing Jig

    Discovered this by pure accident. I have always appreciated the fact that PSI pen tubes come pre-buffed (sanded). The other dealers I have dealt with, don't, they're just plain brass tubes. Better dealers may also have pre-buffed tubes, but not these guys. Buffing the tubes is always a...
  16. Marmotjr

    Off Center Pens

    Or multi-center, whatever you call it. I'm trying to make a 3 sided pen, using multi-center turning. I've been playing around with some really boring Poplar blanks I have, and I can make a three sided thingy, with each side being about the same shape and size. And the taper from the three...
  17. Marmotjr

    Circle of Life

    I planted this (Silver?) maple tree 35 odd years ago as a little kid. There were 6 flower pots I planted from the Helicopter seeds that had fallen of our tree in Mechanicsburg, PA. I think 4 of them sprouted, and we transferred them from house to house as we moved a few times while growing up...
  18. Marmotjr

    In search of Pen kits

    Two separate questions. One, Looking for a Torpedo themed pen kit. Preferably a single blank, like a Sierra, but multi blank is ok too. It's for a group of submarine enthusiasts. Google search didn't turn much up. Two, I race RC yachts, and I'm looking to make a few pens as trophies...
  19. Marmotjr

    Tent / Diffuser material

    I haven't setup a dedicated photo tent yet, but I happened to have a stack of Polysterene .010" sheets laying around from a vacuum forming project that never really got started. They make for a good white background, and are translucent enough that nicely diffuse harsh bright lights. It's...
  20. Marmotjr


    Is there any software out there to help design segmented pens? There's things like CutList and an app for design segmented cutting boards, so I'd think there might be a segmented pen one too.
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