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  1. Wingdoctor

    Shop Fox W1741 8" 3hp Jointer

    I purchased this new and as I have retired and interest in some of my woodworking has waned I am selling some of my less used equipment. This jointer is 8", 3hp, with a 4 knife head. I have used it lightly and it is in excellent condition. The overall photo is from Shop Fox and the one of the...
  2. Wingdoctor

    General 75-050 Mortiser

    Item 2 in my shop downsizing is a General 75-050T Tilting Mortiser. I know that this not a turning item but many of us do create other projects beside turnings. This has also been used lightly and is in great condition. It has bits for 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" mortises. I believe I have only...
  3. Wingdoctor

    Tormek Super Grind 2006, w/Turners Kit

    I am downsizing my shop and will be selling a few items. This is a Tormek Super Grind 2006, w/Turners Kit that I purchased in 2006. The Woodcraft receipt and ad called it a 2006 but the label on the grinder is 2000. I believe they change the designation each year but the model stays basically...
  4. Wingdoctor

    Powermatic 3520B Lathe For Sale

    I really hate to sell it, but the life as a retired person on a fixed income is not much fun. I do have a smaller lathe to continue to turn pens on. I bought the Powermatic 3520B new a few years ago and it has really been a dream machine. I have not had any issues with it and its is the...
  5. Wingdoctor

    Custom 300 Rem. Ultra Magnum Pen

    I had a customer that wanted a pen to commemorate his first Elk hunt. He had the cartridge case that brought down the elk and more of the Barnes bullets that he used on the handloads. He also wanted an inlay blank with a scoped rifle. He also wanted a Parker style refill. I used some Cigar pen...
  6. Wingdoctor

    Refill Adapters Needed for Wall St. II Click Pens

    I am looking for some of the refill adapters (Woodcraft Terminology) that extends the length of the Parker refill. I am making some cartridge pens from long, Magnum brass and due to the length of the lower case and tube the Parker refill is not long enough. If anyone has some that they can spare...
  7. Wingdoctor

    Olympian Elite II in Green & Copper Acrylic

    This is my first post of a pen that I have made. I have been making pens for a couple of years and have just recently, since retiring, started to be vigirious in my efforts. The pen is an Olympian Elite II with 24kt Gold plating and has a body turned from a blank from KnB Pen Blanks here on IAP...
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