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  1. Rolandranch

    Off to College!

    Well, I am on my way to Bob Jones University for my first semester of college! My parents, older brother, and I are driving from Tucson, AZ to Greenville, SC. I've decide to major in Biblical Studies and minor in business. My younger brothers and parents will be managing the business while I'm...
  2. Rolandranch

    Wanted Great Palace Vine FP Kit Rhodium & Gold

    I am looking for a Full-Size Great Palace Vine fountain pen kit with rhodium and gold accents for a client. Does anybody have one that they would be willing to sell? Or maybe someone knows where I can get one? I don't even know if this specific plating combo was ever sold by anyone besides...
  3. Rolandranch

    Extra Long Exhibition Grade AAA Thuya Burl Pen Blanks

    I've finally decided to sell some of my best "private stash" grade pen blanks. Here's a sample photo of the quality blanks that you will be receiving. I would be happy to send you a photo of the actual blanks you will receive if you would like. I have about 40 of these available and I'm not...
  4. Rolandranch

    Leather Pen Sleeves: New Colors!

    My brother Nate got his machine fixed and he's back at it. We've got a couple exciting new colors this time! Pink Sleeves - 3 Available: $5.50 each View in gallery Black Sleeves - 27 Available: $5.50 each...
  5. Rolandranch

    Blank Sale!! Amboyna, Thuya, Mesquite

    I've been busy lately cutting up a new batch of pen blanks. I picked out some AAA grade thuya burl and some really nice red amboyna pieces for you all to choose from. Shipping in the U.S. will be either $5.00 First Class or $7.00 Priority depending on weight. Shipping to Canada is $8.00 per...
  6. Rolandranch

    My B-day Gift - Stingray Wallet!

    My brother Nate made me a really cool wallet out of stingray leather for my birthday and I thought you all might like to see it. The white marking is the bony center of the stingray hide. Stingray leather is super tough so this wallet should last me a very long time. He made the inside out...
  7. Rolandranch

    High School Graduation!

    I had my high school graduation ceremony on June 1st and thought I would share some photos with you all. As some of you know, one of the main reasons I started making pens 3 years ago was to earn enough money to pay for college. I'll be attending Bob Jones University in South Carolina this fall...
  8. Rolandranch

    Small Cocobolo Blocks

    Here's a pile of cocobolo for sale. These would be great for pens or other small crafts. Most of these pieces are an inch thick. $40 shipped in the US. (Click photos to enlarge.)
  9. Rolandranch

    Dymondwood, Spectraply Scrap Box

    **Sold** It's shop cleaning time and I've got a few things that need to go. Here's a box full of dymondwood and spectraply scraps. This would be great for segmenting, accent bands, etc. $20 shipped in the US. (Click to enlarge photo).
  10. Rolandranch

    Leather Pen Sleeves are Back!

    We finally have more leather pen sleeves available! My younger brother Nate makes these leather pen pouches to sell with our pens and they have sold very well for us at shows. I haven't even offered them on my website yet because he has hardly been able to keep up with the orders. These...
  11. Rolandranch

    600 & 800g Sanding Rolls

    SOLD I have 5 rolls of 600 grit and 5 rolls of 800 grit sanding rolls from PSI for sale (PSI links here and here). I don't use this type of sandpaper and just need to get rid of them. Asking $30 plus shipping for all 10 of these brand new rolls.
  12. Rolandranch

    Wanted Looking for Lebanon Cedar Pen Blank

    Does anybody happen to have a Lebanon cedar pen blank laying around? I got a customer request but I can't find a place that has reasonable shipping costs for a small piece. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. Rolandranch

    Thuya Burl Blocks

    ALL SOLD! Thanks guys! I'm adding a few blocks to my Etsy site soon but wanted to let you all have a look at them first. Dimensions are approx. 2-7/8" x 2-7/8" x 7-1/4" (equal to nine 7/8" by 7-1/4" pen blanks for those of you like me who think in terms of pen blanks. :biggrin:) Price...
  14. Rolandranch

    Wanted Looking for a Tuscany 1 Silver pen kit

    I'm looking to buy or trade for one of the "Tuscany 1" silver pen kits that were once sold at Classic Nib. If you have one you're willing to sell or trade, please let me know. Please PM me with any info. Thank you!
  15. Rolandranch

    Pen Kits

    I need to thin down some of my pen kit inventory. I will charge actual shipping using USPS first class or priority shipping. I'll keep the available qty updated as well as I can. Please claim in the thread and I'll PM you with payment details. Thanks for looking! Berea Kits 20x Virage...
  16. Rolandranch

    Any Interest in Hand-painted Pen Boxes?

    I am wondering if anyone is interested in these hand painted boxes for pens. As you can see they all have very detailed work. They do not come with a pen insert but you can buy majestic pen inserts from PSI and cut them to the right size or you can leave the boxes as they are. The boxes will fit...
  17. Rolandranch

    Custom Kit Pinecone Pen

    This is the first modified kit pen I have ever completed (besides customizing finials) and it was a LOT of fun! I used a Raw brass kit to make this pen and I used a blue pinecone blank from Donald Fontaine (OldFox). The solid brass cap from the kit is too heavy in my opinion so I made it out of...
  18. Rolandranch

    Dragon Pens

    Here are some red TruStone dragon pens my dad and I made for an order that shipped out today. And my brother Nate did a terrific job on the leather sleeves. View in gallery...
  19. Rolandranch

    A Few More...

    Here are some more pens heading out today from a smaller order. Ironwood and crushed turquoise southwest pens with metal inlays (my brother did those), Deer antler/ironwood designers (customer request), cholla, buffalo horn, and deer antler...
  20. Rolandranch

    A Few Pens Heading Out

    Some quick snapshots of an order we just finished up... Video: TruStone, Thuya Burl, Vintage Material, Abalone Shell. View in gallery More...
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