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  1. bsshog40

    My 4th Pen; Bolt Action Pen: Mesquite Burl

    Nice job! Progressing nicely!
  2. bsshog40

    Texas Ebony and Texas Mesquite

    Looking good!
  3. bsshog40

    New inlay cutting boards

    Those are sweeeet!
  4. bsshog40

    Footed Natural Edge Bowl

    Very nice Cody!
  5. bsshog40

    New here so just learning.

    Welcome! Great looking pens!
  6. bsshog40

    A Turner’s First Sphere

    That looks very awesome!
  7. bsshog40

    Bonita Purity

    Very nice!
  8. bsshog40

    Pair of Le Roi V2 in Cocobolo

    They look great! Love cocobolo!
  9. bsshog40

    Ironwoods First Kitless RB

    Looks great!
  10. bsshog40

    First attempt at segmenting

    Very nice looking! I like the simple look classy look! Good combo!
  11. bsshog40

    Making a pen from pencils...

    Cool pen! Great idea!
  12. bsshog40

    This pen has been Marked

    Very nice!
  13. bsshog40

    Did I miss a software upgrade?

    Ahhhhhh, I see it now. Lol Thanks Dale!
  14. bsshog40

    Segmented trio.

    Those are awesome mark. I hope I get the chance to get back to experimenting again!
  15. bsshog40

    Did I miss a software upgrade?

    I've been pretty busy at work lately and haven't done any turning. Haven't been here much either. When I logged in, WOW, it looks like the forum has changed dramatically. Did my computer go haywire or did we upgrade? I also notice I couldn't find a "TOP" button to get to the top of a thread. Am...
  16. bsshog40

    My First Pen - krAiki

    Very cool looking!
  17. bsshog40

    Opinion on Penn State's Assembly/Disassembly Press?

    I have used the PennPress since I started. I've even had to disassemble a couple pens. Works great for me.
  18. bsshog40

    Got my late friends old lathe

    That would be awesome Jay! It has the head and tailstock dead centers and a 3" faceplate. Thought that was cool. I'll PM you!
  19. bsshog40

    My Easter Egg

    Pretty cool Cody!
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