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    Egg Prep

    You can always use them in your nest boxes to induce your hens to lay more eatable type eggs... Grandmother always kept ceramic or glass eggs in her nest boxes.
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    Thoughts on Woodcraft

    I finally got the joke, but in my part of the world it was Sam Houston Institute of Technology... a teachers college. I do like the Wood Craft in Knoxville... I go there occasionally to look around, but mostly I buy off line for most of what I need... WC is an hour and half away and not...
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    Home Automation

    I'm still old school, all this electronics don't interest me that much... I like my computer and electric lights, otherwise....... Besides I live so far out in the country, likely couldn't get a signal from a ring doorbell and even if I could, closest Sheriff's office is 18-20 miles away and by...
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    My first castings.

    A friend of mine gave me a gallon of Silmar 41 casting resin... he doesn't like the smell and since his shop is more closed up than mine, the odor lingers longer and also permeates his living quarters which are just off his shop. So I tried it out and cast some bottle stopper blanks. Of the...
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    Membership status

    I'm like Sharon, I've reached 77, still kicking, in relative good health and proud of every year -- I think I earned every one of them.
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    Koa, Purple Heart & Maple Pepper Mill

    I like your glue=up... not a particular fan of the standard mills since I'm a little measurementally challenged... I always seem to be a hair too short or a hair too long, but you have nailed it perfectly.... good job. Your color selections are spot on too.
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    We're BACK! - Check In

    opened for me
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    Sad News - Terredax

    I agree with you Len, funerals are for the living anyway and once I'm gone, just have a party, don't cry over me... also opting for cremation as I've always believed cemeteries are a waste of land. I've turned a few urns for sale and thinking I need to do one for me and LOML... but have told...
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    Mason jar lid design

    You could also look for a roll of cork tape that would fit around each lid.. you can cut the tape to length...
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    Mason jar lid design

    You beat me to the post.... that's exactly what I do... I use the ball jar lid rings inserted into my turning so the wood fits down over the mouth of the jar... saw a fellow turner at the Foothills Art Guild show in Knoxville several years back... he had a table full of them and they were...
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    Thoughts on Woodcraft

    Our local WC store is 55 miles away in Knoxville... I visit occasionally, but find it to be more expensive for a lot of items and not as customer friendly as when I first started going there. I think the store has changed hand some years back and an all new crew. I did buy my 1442 Jet there...
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    Life with Dad

    Dianne's stroke in 2014 affected her speech also... she was talking to me at breakfast and suddenly everything she said just turned to gibberish... called ambulance and got her to hospital immediately... after a few days she was speaking normally again, but still stutters and stammers a little...
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    Membership Cards: 1 Problem, 1 Concern

    I know everyone gets tired of seeing the same questions asked over and over, but when I was in the navy, my chief said the dumbest question is the one you didn't ask.
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    The First MPG

    Not sure what year I was there either, but do remember it being in a smaller building than the Carpenter's Hall... My wife's daughters both lived in Champagne/Urbana.. one in each city and we stayed with the daughter in Champagne, before she moved to Mohamet. I remember pigging out on the...
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    Rockler JR Gent fountain pen

    Not sure, but it looks much like the Baron I used to get from Az Silhouette when it was still in AZ... you might take a quick look at those instructions to see if they shed any light on the assembly... the Baron was one of my favorite pens when I was still doing pens.
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    Letting members know

    I just looked at the youth pen in this contest... some very talented young people out there... hope they stay in the game and keep the pen turning going. Jeff you may have to send a PM to Kaleb a PM and just ask who to contact.
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    The new family member...!

    Don't know if that holds well... our cat Bella would still attack my feet under the sheet even after she was several years old... then she decided her place was between Dianne and me at night on the bed, with her feet against my side, stretched to her full length... pushing me towards the side...
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    Midwest Penturners Gathering - Who's Ready and Thanks

    I was at the first or second meeting that Cozee put together...not sure which it was, but got to kill two birds with one stone... wife's daughters both live in CU where he held the meeting..... and Granddaughter is in Chicago, but life's in the way for this one, I don't do pens much anymore...
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    And there is this guy

    He did = or will = it's called a baby. :biggrin: Guys who aren't ready to be fathers or get anxiety attacks over the thought of becoming a father should keep their pants on..... Greatest day of my life was the day my son was born. I wound up being a single father with a 5 year old and...
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    Got a scare this morning

    Hope everything turned out okay for hubby.... Dianne's also diabetic, Type 2, and every so often she will have a crash in the middle of the night, usually happens about 1 or 2 am and scares the **** out of me when it happens... I've about learned how to help her, but it still scares me when she...
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