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Blank Name[edit]

Turkey Foot Pinon (Pinyon)

Blank picture
Blank specie[edit]

Pinus Edulus

What did you like, or dislike about the blank

This wood is beautiful.  Cut wet, it spalted on the shelves in my shop.  The grain is all over the spectrum.  It cuts easy, sands easy, and takes finish easy. I liked everything about it.

Blank needs be stabilized?

Only if it happened to turn punky... otherwise, no.

Wood known to be hazardous to touch or skin?[edit]

Not hazardous to touch.

Wood particles or dust known be hazardous to inhale?

It's pine, so some may not like the dust.

Tool you would not recommend to use with? (gauge, carbide cutter tool, flap sander, etc.) ?[edit]

Your choice...A skew will make your sanding even easier than it is already.

Any special care for drilling?

No.  It will drill quickly.

Any special care for sanding (Dry/Wet, slow speed)?

I wet sanded the last few grits.

Finish used?[edit]

Danish Oil and CA will do wonders for it.

Any problems applying it?[edit]


Any problems after Blank finished  (Ie. cracks,cloudy, dull finish ...?[edit]


Use polishing or buffing?[edit]

When cured, buff w/EEE, WD, Renwax...

Additional information you like to add:[edit]

This wood would be great, sliced in any direction... with, diagonal, or across, grain. When it's spalted it's just plain gorgeous.