Roman Harvest

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General Information[edit]

This pen is a variation of the Cambridge.  It has a solid metallic (gold or silver) center band instead of the black band found on the Cambridge.  Although it is a variation, the tube dimensions and fitting sizes are different than the Cambridge.  The Cambridge bushings will not fit the Roman Harvest.

Alternative Names[edit]

Bushing Sizes[edit]

Drill Bit Sizes[edit]

12.20mm Nib Barrel

13.20mm Cap Barrel

Tube Dimensions[edit]

Cap Tube I.D. 0.498" 12.65mm
Cap Tube O.D. 0.509" 12.93mm
Cap Tube Length 1.693" 43.00mm
Nib Tube I. D. 0.479" 12.17mm
Nib Tube O. D. 0.472" 12.00mm
Nib Tube Length 1.968" 50.00mm


This pen is only available from Timberbits.

Assembly tips[edit]

Common Pitfalls[edit]