Pink Ivory

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Scientific Name

Rhamnus zeyheri

General Information

Turning Tips

Pink Ivory may crack if drilled incorrectly. Here are some comments from the forum;

Drilled holes, soaked holes in thin CA, applied twice in two days, redrilled holes two days later, let set for about a week, redrilled and tubed, turned. No cracking-CA finish. Tried to keep heat down, but the wood itself was VERY cooperative.

Try using duct tape or strapping tape around the blank when you drill it. Make your drilling moderate in speed ( don't heat the blank with unnecessary contact between the drill bit and the blank... Greek Restaurant drilling... Eat, Pay, Get Out!) and clear the bit every 1/4" or so. Let the bit and blank cool frequently as you drill it. The object is to keep the heat down to a minimum. The tape wrap adds much strength to the blank as it has no where to go when it wants to crack.

On top of that, if you blow a little compressed air on the bit every time you clear it, that will help to cool the bit (and clear the chunks out of the flutes that might get stuck).

One thing I do with ebony is to toss the drilled blanks in a box and leave it for a few days. Seems to allow the wood to equalize before gluing the tubes in. I've found a couple times that I had to re-drill because the wood had moved so much.