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Welcome to IAP-Wiki.

The definitive resource for pen making of all kinds.

Your IAP account provides access to the IAP -Wiki.  Please do not create an account here on IAP-Wiki.  Anyone can read IAP-Wiki, but to edit and contribute, you must be a member of the IAP. If you're not a member, click here to join today. It's easy, fast, and free.

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This Wiki supports many different Languages

IAP-Wiki Philosophy  Mission Statement

This Wiki is established to publish information that is gleaned from the message board at IAP and our user community. Our goal is to minimize conjecture and maximize facts to assist pen crafters in the creation of beautiful, useful and reliable writing instruments.

A Wiki is dedicated to the concept of "Wabi-sabi" (external link).  Everything changes; Nothing is perfect.  This is a collaborative project and many people will contribute to it.  Expect your words to be edited, added to, and modified.  There are many ways to perform the same tasks, and you are invited to publish alternatives. 

If you do not see the Navigation menus to the left, Please go to the Browser details page for more informaiton.

Maintained by the International Association of Penturners.

For problems with this web site, contact Jeff Brown.

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