International Association of Penturners

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International Association of Penturners

The International Association of Penturners (IAP) is an organization that recognizes pen making as a branch of woodturning with unique and distinctive character. Pen making encompasses a vast array of techniques, materials, technical knowledge, and novel approaches to produce a functional, aesthetically appealing writing instrument. The goal of the IAP is to give pen makers a place to enhance their skills, share experiences, and promote the art of pen making.

The Organization

The IAP is a virtual association of like-minded individuals. It has no formal governing structure or elected officials, no dedicated offices or facilities, and no assets other than the knowledge base developed over time from member contributions and discussions. The primary “meeting place” for members is the Discussion Forum, however an extensive and active network of Local Chapters exists.

Policy-making and management is handled by a custodian and appointed advisers whose primary goal is to maintain a fun, friendly, orderly, productive environment for all members. The site is largely self-policing, with members responsible for keeping order amongst themselves in the discussion forums.

Membership is free of charge and is activated simply by obtaining a username and password to access the [[../../../../../|]] web site. The IAP is an all-volunteer organization and no one is compensated for their effort. Site operations (hosting, bandwidth, software, etc.) and professional services are funded largely through donations and the sale of logo-branded items.

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