Disassemble a Pen

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Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble a completed pen to repair a component or restore the finish.  This can be done with a "Transfer Punch Set".  Remember that you may have to glue in the fitting after repairing the problem with the pen.CA can be used for this purpose, but be sure to put glue only on the inside of the brass tube. Do not get any glue on the out side of the barrel or fitting.

Pressed in transmission

Pressed in transmissions have a small hole in the center of the transmission.  Remove the ink fill cartridge, and insert a 3/32 inch punch through the transmission.  Gently tap on the end of the punch with a small hammer. Many light taps are better than one great hit. Hold the pen tube firmly over a soft surface to catch the nib.  Now use a 15/64 punch to tap out the transmission from the nib end of the pen.  15/64 is the correct punch for a 7 mm brass tube. 

Tip:  Insert the barrel into the open end of a balloon.  The balloon will give you a good grip on the pen barrel and the closed end of the balloon will catch the fitting you knock out.

Component removal

To remove components, use a punch that will fit through one end of the fitting, twist it to catch the lip of the fitting at the other end of the tube, and tap gently in a ring around the fitting.  The second fitting can be removed with a punch will just fit into the brass tube. When removing a finial, use caution because some finials are multi-part assemblies, and removal can cause the assembly to come apart.