Craft Shows

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"Craft shows" come in several shapes and sizes.
SMALL:  To begin, consider a small event, under 100 vendors.  In most cases, this will mean you will be the only penmaker and, probably the only woodturner.  Many times this type of show is presented by a local church or school.  The "entry fee" should be very reasonable.  Many times it is outdoors.  There are some things you will need and some things you would like to know. Is there electricity available?  If so, you will need to bring lights to highlight your work.  Otherwise you will get "lost". Do they provide tables?  Or, do you need to have your own.  (Warehouse stores sell folding tables pretty affordably.) You will need a tablecloth or "skirt".  It has been recommended by many experienced members, that your tablecloth be either black or white, in order to assure your pens are the focus of customer's attention. It helps to have some "risers" for displaying your products. Risers and other pen display racks can help highlight your pens, making them easy for customers to view.