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This product is for the adventurous pen turner wanting to experience in making her/his own acrylic blanks.  Many of the experienced turners are going this route for the uniqueness of the product and the satisfaction of a one-of-a-kind product.  I just poured and turned my first useless-wood blank in Alumilite.  The blank was ready to turn in 2 hours, it was still warm and a better result would be if you wanted overnight.  Turning it was like eating grandmother’s pie, easy and fun.  The property of alumilite causes few blowouts, and sanding was just the same.  If you are searching for that deep clarity high gloss shine of acrylic, you will not get it without enhancements- such as CA finish.  If ease of turning is your primary desire, Alumilite is hard to beat.  If non vapors are your primary concern, casting Alumilite is hard to beat.  The Alumilite finishes to a polished shine. It has a gloss but a step down from the high gloss of other acrylics Polyresin, Inlace AcrylesterMica Pearl and Poly Gem.


The detailed properties of Alumilite are found here.


Alumilite is a bit softer than other Acrylics.  Wet sand at slow speed (400-600 RPM) up thru 2000 grit, apply an abrasive polish such as Micro-Gloss, Novus, or HUT Plastic Polish.  You will see that the shine isn't as good as it can be.  Now apply a good paste car wax such as Mother's California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Wax.  Apply with a soft cloth with the lathe stopped, wait 10 to 15 minutes and buff with a soft cloth.  The difference in gloss will amaze you!