Sierra Usage Instructions

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This page describes the usage and ink cartridge replacement for a Sierra style pen made by many suppliers.  It is available with several different trim fittings, but all these pens are similar. 

NOTE: Many penmakers use adhesive to fasten the transmission into the finial. If the transmission does not pull out easily, check with the maker of the pen before going further. 


To extend or retract the pen point, hold the clip of the pen and twist the black trim ring near the pen point counter clockwise.

Ink Cartridge replacement[edit]

Gently but firmly pull the pen apart at the point of the arrow.  Pull straight apart, do not unscrew.

Now unscrew the transmission mechanisn by turning the mechanism counter-clockwise.  It will un-thread at the point of the arrow.

The Ink Cartridge is a standard Parker style refill.  Grasp it gently and remove from the pen point.  There is a spring inside the pen point.  It isn't necessary to remove the spring, and if it does not come out with the ink cartridge, that is OK.

You can now replace the Ink Cartridge.  If the spring is still inside the pen point, insert the new ink cartridge through the center of the spring.  Reverse the steps to reassemble the pen.