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General Information[edit]

This style of pen is generally a single-barreled pen with a parker-style refill.  The refill extends by twising the cap at the top of the pen.

Alternative Names[edit]

Atlas - this pen was sold as the Atlas by Berea Hardwoods and its resellers until about 2007, when the name was changed to the Carbara.

Carbara - Berea Hardwoods name for this pen.

Patriot - Craft Supplies USA's name for this pen - almost exactly identical to the Carbara.

Polaris - Penn State Industries' (PSI) version of this pen - the original pen was very similar to the the pens mentioned above. Same tube size and bushing sizes.  The hardware differs very slightly in that PSI uses a double serrated ring around the bottom edge of the cap where all other versions use a single serrated ring around the bottom edge of the cap.

  • PSI has offered this style in a pencil for some time.
  • PSI has also now applied this name to a click style pen.

Bushing Sizes[edit]

Nib End - 0.453 inch

Cap End - 0.510 inch

Tube Length(s)and Diameters[edit]

Drill Size[edit]

3/8 inch


Assembly tips[edit]

This pen is sensitive to pressing the transmission too far into the ring that retains the clip. If pressed in to far the refill does not retract fully.  The transmission is tricky to remove from the retaining ring without damaging the transmission and/or the clip retaniing ring. Press the transmission in until the slightest resistance is felt, then try it for length.

Other Guidelines[edit]