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Use the right mouse button on this link to the Sandbox and open a new browser tab or window.  Follow right along.  This will take you to the "Sandbox"  the Sandbox is a page that you can use to experiment and generally play around.

Now that the file is uploaded to the Wiki, you can include it on any page.


Now that the file is uploaded, it can be included on the page.  Start an edit session on the Sandbox Page.  Put the cursor in the location where you want the image to appear.  Now click on the File:Wiki FCKeditor Icon Insert Image.jpg (Insert/Edit Image) icon in the menu bar.

You will see an Image Properties selection box.  Type part of the file name in the "Image file name".  You can type a partial name and it does not have to be the beginning of the name.  To find a file "Statesmen Jr Rollerball with Alternate Ivory", you could type "Alternate", or "Rollerball"    

Caption is a text description of the file.  It is used for sight impaired users  Equivalent to Alt-Text.

Special type can be None (blank), Thumbnail, Frame, and Border.

  • Thumbnail - A small version of the file is displayed on the page.  Clicking on the small image displays the full size image.
  • Frame - A line frame is drawn around the image.  This helps to delineate the image if it has a white background.
  • Border - An amount of white-space is left around the image.  Text will flow around the image.


The image can be justified to the Left, Right or Center of the page.  If "Border" is selected, text will flow around the image.


Width and Height are the display size of the Image.  You can do this here, but it is best to use the mouse to resize the image by dragging a corner of the image.  To do so, click one time on the image to select the image, then point the mouse at the corner square and click and drag the mouse to change the image displayed size.

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