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Including an image on your page is a matter of uploading an image, inserting, justifying, and sizing the image. We will discuss these topics one at a time.

Caution: Do not click on the navigation bar items while you are editing a page.  
All your text changes will be lost!  Make sure you save your page contents 
BEFORE going to the upload page. You CAN however upload a file if you open 
another browser tab or window.

Use the right mouse button on this link to the Sandbox and open a new browser tab or window.  Follow right along.  This will take you to the "Sandbox"  the Sandbox is a page that you can use to experiment and generally play around.


Scroll down; on the left side of the screen to the toolbox navigation area and click on the Upload file selection.


You will now see a screen that looks like the one below.  Click the "Browse" button and locate a photo or image file on your computer. Pick a photo of one of your pens.  

For this Tutorial, use a file name of "Sandbox Image.jpg". 

Now enter a "Destination file name".  The file name should have an extension, and any spaces in the name will be converted to underscores.  You should make the file name meaningful.  "DSC0969.JPG" isn't very descriptive, but "Alternate Ivory Gentlemen's Rollerball.jpg" is a good description.  Insert a summary description of the file you are uploading.  Warning messages may appear on this screen or on the screen after you click the "Upload file" button.  You will see the file uploaded to the Wiki and the History of the file.  You may get any of a number of Warnings or Errors.  This is a partial listing.

Upload Result

When the file upload is complete, you will see the file information page.  The page contains the file name, a history of the file, it's size, and who contributed the file.

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