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There are several ways to create a new page.

  • From the navigation search Go button.
  • From following a Redlink on a page will open an editor session with the page name in the Redlink.
  • As a new page name.

You will see two sections on the screen. 

The lower one shows pages that have the text in the page contents.  Look at the pages listed carefully, as you may want to include your text in one of the displayed pages or create links between these pages and the page you create.

The "No page title matches" section allows you to create a page.  The page will be created with the exact Spelling and Capitalization that appears in the line

There is no page titled "woodcraft navigator".  You can create this page '.

Click on the "create this page" to start a new edit session with this page name.  The page is not created until you save the page.

If you are following along with this tutorial, go to the Navigation Sidebar Search box. and type "Sandbox <your userid>" in the search box, and click on the Go button.  Now select the "create this page" to create a new page in the Wiki.  You can add whatever content you like to the page, but please don't put anything permanent on this page.

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