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Basic Information[edit]

Ash trees are a staple of the North American hardwood forests. They are under threat from the Emerald Ash Borer beetle in the Michigan and Wisconsin area.

The wood has traditionally been used for tool handles and baseball bats.

The wood is light colored with a prominent growth ring. Ash can have burl or a wave in the grain.

True ash trees should not be confused with 'Mountain Ash', an ornamental tree brought into the United States. Mountain ash trees are recognizable by their clusters of orange or red berries.

Turning Ash[edit]

Because of its light color, care should be taken when sanding ash that metal from the bushings does not stain the wood, or collect in the open grain at the edge of the growth ring.

Ash Examples[edit]

Two pens are shown to show the variation in color possible in ash. It is unknown how much the finished influenced the color on the darker specimen.