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Trying to nail down the true sources of kits and/or components.

Let's stick with the following format to start with, and modify if needed down the road:

  • Kit style (7mm, single tube, capped, twist, etc...)
  • Kit name
  • Known retailers
  • Distributor (Dayacom, Berea, etc)
  • Manufacturer(s) if known
  • Known issues (flaky transmissions, furry platings, weak platings, etc)
  • Notes or comments

Retailers: AS (Arizona Silhouette), BTW (Bear Tooth Woods), BH (Berea Hardwoods), CN (Classic Nib), CS (Craft Supplies USA), ExB (Exotic Blanks), PSI (Penn State Industries), SPW (Smitty's Pen Works), WC (Woodcraft), WnW (Wood N Whimsies), WTz (Wood Turningz)

Kit Name Kit Style Retailers Distributor(s) Manufacturer(s) Known Issues Notes or Comments
Sienna Twist CS
WSII, Sierra Twist AS,BH,BTW,ExB,WC Berea
Gatsby, LeRoi Twist PSI, SPW
Diplomat Twist ExB
Mesa Twist WTz
Monet Twist WnW
Sierra Elegant Beauty, WSII Elegant Twist AS,BH, BTW, WC Berea
Aero Twist CN,CS,ExB Dayacom
Barron, Navigator Rollerball AS,WC
Tycoon Rollerball PSI

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