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  1. Lichtenberg Burning (High voltage)!
  2. Road Trip to Penn State Industries from Harrisburg
  3. Woodcraft Supply in Harrisburg - New Location
  4. Anyone want to share the ride to MAPG 2014 from the Harrisburg PA area?
  5. Turn for the Troops Event at the Harrisburg PA Woodcraft
  6. Who is in South Central PA (Harrisburg)?
  7. Woodturners meeting and Pen Demo - Harrisburg PA
  8. Local Chapter Coordination Special Project
  9. Where are meetings?
  10. Turn for the Troops in Harrisburg PA
  11. Get together in Harrisburg PA???
  12. Harrisburg?
  13. Turn for the Troops in Harrisburg PA
  14. Carba-Tech Mini Lathe Kit for sale in SE PA-check Individual Classifieds, main forum
  15. Any interest for a meet and greet in the SW PA region?
  16. Virtual Chapter Meeting for Tri-State Chapter
  17. Pen Turning for Troops in Harrisburg PA on November 6th
  18. Poll for Tri-State members
  19. Meeting of Tri-State Chapter (PA, NJ, DE)
  20. Next meeting of the tri-state chapters
  21. Need a date for the next meeting.
  22. February 28 meeting
  23. Important Date Change for first meeting
  24. We Have a Meeting Place.
  25. Philly area turners
  26. Meeting place.
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