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  1. Hi Iím new and this is one of my pens
  2. Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner
  3. Next Meeting
  4. Oklahoma gathering.
  5. Oklahoma guys
  6. Anyone ever meetingup in Edmond OK?
  7. Anyone in okc still actively turning?
  8. Finally able to turn some wood and I've become completely obsessed.
  9. Where do I go for Pen Turner's Anon meetings?
  10. beginner here!
  11. Meeting??
  12. Local Chapter Coordination Special Project
  13. Wanna meet!!!!!
  14. I just don't know
  15. Meeting?
  16. An Affair of the Heart?
  17. Meeting......
  18. Hello OK!
  19. Boomer Sooner Baby
  20. Hey yall!
  21. Merry Christmas
  22. Just saying "hi" to the other Okies!
  23. Chapter leaders
  24. anyone turn their pen yet?
  25. Texan needs permission
  26. OK meeting.
  27. Ok I'll set the date
  28. Oklahoma Social Group
  29. Where oh Where shall we meet!
  30. PR Buy
  31. Say Aye if your in and introduce yourself.
  32. Welcome to the Oklahoma sub-forum