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  1. My Piston pen design
  2. Making a clip for custom pens
  3. Casting
  4. Kitless pen making books
  5. Fountain pen clip
  6. Still learning
  7. Metal Keeper Rings for Bespoke Caps
  8. Detail drawing pens?
  9. Schmidt .9mm pencil mech in Canada
  10. Dangerous? You decide.
  11. Multi-Start Threading With A Single-Start Tap: Theory and some practice.
  12. Kitless Drill Bits and Misc what do I need now?
  13. new to closed-end pens
  14. What do I need for a Kitless pen
  15. Threadless kitless FP
  16. Closed End Presimo Fountain Pen Prototype
  17. Cigar help
  18. Guidance on Best approach to painting a blank?
  19. Parts for kitless pen (Complete newbie)
  20. Kitless, Facets, and a Tired Old Pen Maker
  21. Letters on clips?
  22. Finial thread size
  23. Need help selecting nib tap(s) for triple
  24. Make a Multi Start Tap
  25. Fitting Rings
  26. Getting my feet wet with a kitless pen
  27. GettinTg my feet wet with a kitless pen
  28. Attempt at a double eye dropper
  29. Need help with gluing barrels into blanks - air bubbles
  30. weight & balance
  31. Polyresin blank kitless query
  32. Triple threaders
  33. Definition of kitless?
  34. Bock nibs
  35. What is the proper technique for this?
  36. 0.9mm Schmidt pencil mechanism modifications
  37. Any Idaho kitless pen turners out there?
  38. New to kitless
  39. Brass cartridges for pen bodies
  40. Need guidance on cross pattern
  41. Need some advice re stabilized burl
  42. 2nd kitless concept try
  43. True stone or Turnstone blanks question.
  44. roller ball nib/section
  45. Where do I buy Clips from? Help please
  46. Cleaning oil off of blanks
  47. Using Pin Chucks
  48. First kitless
  49. Twist Mechanism
  50. Bowling alley Pen ...
  51. Are any kitless pen makers in MA?
  52. Inlaying Pens ...
  53. Pricing on kitless pens?
  54. Input needed on design
  55. A few kitless questions.
  56. Honeycomb Mesh Build Report
  57. Rosetta pen section
  58. Will this ever work? Input appreciated.
  59. Reproducing Clutch
  60. Luke's Saber
  61. Thread weaving
  62. Orange striped ebonite
  63. Going Into Kitless
  64. What do I need to know for BP nib/tip?
  65. Constructive Feedback requested
  66. Does anyone still use the Schmidt PRS
  67. Anyone use Barrel Laps like these for internal polishing
  68. Push mechanism
  69. Silver Click Pen
  70. Realistic Cigar SNAFU.. Please help:(
  71. Pilot #10
  72. Dolphin Roll Stopper
  73. Finished up an old project.
  74. How to protect brass or aluminum external components
  75. Kitless proportions redux
  76. Still working on proportions
  77. Demonstrator questions
  78. Getting started with Kitless
  79. Work in Progress: WWI Albatros DV Pen
  80. Any chance of some help with a decal problem?
  81. 2nd pen, 1st kitless fountain pen
  82. Kit less propotions
  83. What is your opinion of who makes the best Pen refills ?
  84. Getting into kitless fountain pens
  85. Finally made my first section for a kitless pen
  86. Dyes and stains for veneers
  87. Casting metal kit parts
  88. Getting geared up
  89. Fountain Pen Nibs for - Caballero
  90. Fountain pen question
  91. Where to buy round metric dies and taps?
  92. Lichtenberg Burning (High voltage) for Pens?
  93. Tap question
  94. Turn a steel blank?
  95. Chasing Threads
  96. Majestic pen clip
  97. Kitless pens: friction fit feed and nib without housing
  98. Help with custom cartridge pen
  99. Which tap and die set should I use
  100. How to turn OD from square, no hole in blank?
  101. Closed end pen from Open end kits???
  102. Metric or SAE taps and dies?
  103. New from India
  104. Tiny Giant Ballpoint to Rollerball Conversion
  105. barrel and cap not true
  106. Lost wax casting
  107. Speaking of glue...
  108. Advice to glue Polyester
  109. How to make a clip?
  110. I think I need therapy after this one!
  111. Aluminum closed end wrapped in Walnut.
  112. Hand Chasing Threads
  113. Question about LMS die holder
  114. I turn to the hive mind
  115. removal of twist mechanism
  116. Matching Transmission Components with refils
  117. Golf Ball Pen Video
  118. Need some advice painting tubes
  119. Nib Taps ?
  120. Bock section drill bits?
  121. What Constitutes Kitless?
  122. Need information about clips
  123. MSU Set Ideas?
  124. Need Tap and Die information please.
  125. My method of fitting cap rings
  126. Clip material sourcing
  127. Glue for segmenting acrylic
  128. kitless rollerball section instruction
  129. Custom Pen Kit Makers
  130. Haskoson: 2nd fountain pen - a fat ebonite cigar
  131. Haskoson: very first kitless fountain pen
  132. Nibs
  133. Making Demonstrator Style Kitless Pens
  134. Ebonite in the UK ?
  135. Clip making
  136. 3 start cap turns to close
  137. A good source for Rhodium Clips
  138. Which die and tap do I need?
  139. Issues threading with dies
  140. Pen clips anyone?
  141. Alumilite pen blanks for sale in the UK
  142. Glue for ebonite
  143. Wanting to go kitless
  144. Real "syringe" filler?
  145. Metal bands
  146. So what is wrong in this photo ?
  147. Modified Italian Locman Mod/Make Details
  148. Required tools for prepping resin with embedded bottle caps
  149. Needing some math...
  150. Worthless Wood kitless pen
  151. Cracked Ivory
  152. locating a m4.2 x .35 tap
  153. Custom Chrome center rings?
  154. Clear cast acrylic scratching
  155. Clip mechanism query
  156. a query, if please
  157. Thread Size
  158. Bock 5mm nib unit dimensions in inches with Drill sizes
  159. Segmented Pens
  160. Tap/die measurements for over/under shotgun rollerball?
  161. How does one make threads on a kit less pen?
  162. Recommend a tap and die set?
  163. Starting Pilot Dr. Grip G2 Gel Clone...
  164. Kitless: Fountain pen only?
  165. What is this machine?
  166. Jinhao x750 barrel tap size?
  167. Cap Actuated Ball Point Pen
  168. Threads ...
  169. Home made Brass pen - advice ?
  170. Closed-end postables?
  171. Tap turning
  172. Need help finding more of these blanks
  173. Impulse purchase: Alumlite/burl blank. What do I do?
  174. Tru-Stone: What do I need to know?
  175. Vinyl Labels
  176. Best printer type for decals.
  177. Almost ready
  178. Snakewood cracking - can I dry it in the microwave?
  179. Retail pen kit quality
  180. little help
  181. How smooth is color filled laser engraving?
  182. I Need the Alton Brown of pen turning...
  183. The Ultimate Multi-Generational Gift Pen....how would you make it
  184. Larger Blanks
  185. Wood lathe vs. metal lathe
  186. Quill Pen
  187. Live Center V. Dead Center
  188. Drill Bit Types
  189. Progress pics - Copper Wave
  190. Most adventurous material???
  191. closed end tube painting
  192. Scalloped blanks
  193. Tap and Die purchases
  194. Tru-Shell™ w/ WDB Snakeskin and branding.
  195. Collet chuck versus jawed chuck
  196. Gluing nib holder into section
  197. What do I need for an advanced pen?
  198. using pearl?
  199. Twisted tutorial/photo journal
  200. Cigar Pen
  201. drilling sequence
  202. Premium Dragon Clips
  204. Reaming
  205. 7.5 tap question
  206. Yikes!
  207. Can someone give me a good source for clips???
  208. A Small sized Roller Ball.
  209. If we could only get these parts.
  210. Turning polymer clay, what am I doing wrong?
  211. PSI Bolt action pen/pencil?
  212. Aluminum vs Copper
  213. Entry Level 4 Axis CNC and Lasers
  214. Tap/die for oversized pen
  215. August Tap and Die Group Buy Information
  216. die holder
  217. Can I get away with just one tap...
  218. friction fit cap
  219. Customer Request - Flat Black Hardware
  220. M13x.8 tap
  221. Just starting out
  222. Thread advise for kitless pen
  223. Need some advice
  224. A clipless brass pen
  225. brass pens
  226. Question for the kitless crew
  227. Do you have any alumilite or ebonite scraps I can buy?
  228. Ink window
  229. Kitless round stock question
  230. Metal on Metal Friction Fit Cap?
  231. Advanced Pen Making
  232. Metal Lathe plunge!
  233. Click Mechanism Faulty
  234. Tap/Dies Reference Spreadsheet
  235. Help with a custom sword pen
  236. #5 Bock nibs and feeds
  237. How to spend your time on a kitless pen
  238. Custom graphic on pen tubes
  239. Threading using taps and dies
  240. Thread sizes for Churchill
  241. made parts, met a turner
  242. Snakewood
  243. HELP!!! Trouble with Chechen Burl and I have a deadline!
  244. Which glue for corian?
  245. Achitect Pen
  246. Making metal parts.
  247. Square & Multistart threads on wood lathe
  248. Schmidt RollingWriter Issue
  249. 1 1/2" die holder?
  250. Where is the Pam?!?!