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  1. Great shop visits, new items and events coming
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  3. What can you make with clay, shells, wood and leather?
  4. Pictures from SEPG and some new stuff!
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  6. Beaufort Ink now at Turners Warehouse.
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  12. Bash Discount at Turners Warehouse
  13. Hello 2018, new maker blanks and larger turning blocks
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  15. British Made Pen Kits in stock, Cyber Monday sale!
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  17. Black Friday Week has started!!!
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  21. Are you clear casting? check this out
  22. June is starting off great!!
  23. Restocked Kits, new blanks and more
  24. Juma blanks and much more,
  25. RESTOCKED!! Amazing Polymer Clay blanks by Toni.
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  28. RZ Mask Giveaway WINNER
  29. RZ MASK GIVE-a-Way and some great new items
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