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  1. David M last second win! "The last shall be first": the WHITE IAP mug!
  2. SteveG wins: "Binderized" pen from co-founder, Scott!! Thank you, Steve!!!!!
  3. KenV wins!!! Collaborative Creative ChallengeTHANKS AGAIN, KEN
  4. Bobleibo wins!!! Seventh Anniversary red mug!!!Thank you Bob
  5. "Old Lar" Larry wins Namiki vanishing point from co-founder, Scott
  6. Sunday 3-2-14 recap and coming attractions!!
  7. What is the priority?
  8. Auctions--the show will go on!!
  9. Lance D wins---Buzzz4 contest pen and provenance!!!
  10. Ken V wins--JohnU finale! Congratulations, Ken!!!!!
  11. Wayne (Stonepecker) wins: Collaborative Creative Challenge team 5
  12. Collaborative Creative Challenge team3 won by CommercialBuilder!THANK YOU MIKE!!
  13. David M wins The Sixth Anniversary mug (2010) THANK YOU, DAVID!!!
  14. David doubles up, wins 5th Anniversary mug, too!!! Congrats!!!
  15. z8th Anniversary pencil cup sold---THANK YOU Wayne!!!
  16. z8th anniversary Red MUG SOLD TO TODD!!!! Thank you!!
  17. What is the bracketed number before the auction??
  18. z7th anniversary mug sold to David M---THANK YOU DAVID
  19. z7th anniversary "travel" bought by kronewi--thank you KEVIN!!!
  20. Teaser??? Yes--if you know fountain pens!!
  21. zCollaborative Creative Challenge WINNER--won by Smitty!!!
  22. zEighth Anniversary BLUE mug, SOLD, THANK YOU!!!!!
  23. zEighth anniversary MANAGERS' mug SOLD to Ken V!!!
  24. 2014 Capt G blanks and pen won by Smitty37!! THANK YOU LeRoy!!!!
  25. zSOLD!! JohnU 100 plus feathers AT LEAST 8 pens worth!! Thanks Tom T!!
  26. Sa--JohnU comes through again
  27. Sa--Best of IAP 2012 pen
  28. zninth Anniversary Managers' mug belongs to Bob Wemm!
  29. zNinth Anniversary RED Mug belongs to Tom T!! Thank you Tom!!
  30. z9th Anniversary--natural mug Sold to Stonepecker!!!
  31. Auctions for the weekend!!
  32. Thanks to Tom T!! Navy blue Ninth Ann. mug purchaser!!
  33. Ninth Anniversary CUP sold to Doug Feehan!!
  34. First mug auction--Complete--Thanks SteveG!!!
  35. "Shstuff" happens!!
  36. First auction winner---Elkhorn---thank you, John!!