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  1. TMI Hold Fast
  2. Robinair vacuum pump
  3. Pen Blanks per Volume
  4. Did you win a gift certificate?
  5. USPS: We Deliver...and crash into my building!
  6. Had a good vacation, lost my best dog, and got sick...all in 2 weeks.
  7. 11/5/14 TurnTex Woodworks-Cactus Juice-Out of the shop notice
  8. Vacuum Chamber
  9. KUDOS to Curtis and TurnTex!!
  10. 7/12/14 TurnTex Woodworks-Cactus Juice-Out of the shop notice
  11. Out of pocket for a while--major surgery for my wife
  12. Original Cactus Blanks
  13. Be sure to enter the donation drawing...you could win this!
  14. Got back from vacation...Now I am SICK
  15. TurnTex Woodworks on vacation 12/9-12/16!
  16. New version of the Cactus Juice label
  17. For anyone that has sent me e-mails and not received a reply...
  18. Chambers question
  19. Hey Curtis
  20. Ordering outside US
  21. What does $800 worth of PVC pipe look like?
  22. For anyone doing their own Cactus Juice stabilizing...
  23. Cactus Blanks