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  1. Classic Nib Black Friday Blowout!
  2. Another New Artist At Classic Nib!
  3. Labor Day Slae Giveaway Winner
  4. Classic Nib Labor Day Sale
  5. IAP Free shipping week!
  6. Marla Chiyogami is back!
  9. Marla Christensen Restock!! Feather Blanks
  10. Memorial Day Sale
  11. Pirates and Fantasy Blanks
  12. Classic Nib First Anniversary Prize Drawing Winner!
  13. Making Thread Wrapped Blanks as Fast as I Can.
  15. Marla Christensen is BACK!!!
  16. Classic Nib Outage and Discount
  17. Inventory Expansion
  19. Taps back in stock!!
  20. Toni Ransfield Restock - with a new style!!
  21. 6 months Anniversary sale!!
  22. New Items
  23. New Watch Part Blanks From Michelle Ferrarra
  24. Toni Toni Toni
  25. Welcome New Artist Scott Lincoln!
  26. Fourth of July Sale!
  27. At Last!
  28. Father's Day Sale at The Classic Nib
  29. New Elegant Emporer Kit now available!
  30. New Category
  31. New Blanks at the Nib
  32. BSI and Tap shipment
  33. Classic Nib has new owners
  34. Tru-Card Blanks
  35. Could Classic's be in your future?
  36. Original Abalone???
  37. Abalone? Yes!
  38. Snakes, Gisi style, Watch part, and lets play cards
  39. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!
  40. Last day of free shipping in the US and discounted international
  41. State Sales Taxes
  42. Hens teeth
  43. Sites been down
  44. Will be gone off and on
  45. Site down
  46. Free bash shipping
  47. It's lunch time, lets call a vendor
  48. MLK Day today no shipping
  49. News Letter was sent
  50. Damascus causes a problem again
  51. Boy time really flies
  52. Fun with Damascus
  53. Pay Pal holding funds
  54. Classic has a new site
  55. Sites back up for ordering but
  56. Signature Pen Supply is now part of Classic Nib
  57. Site Problems
  58. Black Friday/Cyber Monday and beyond
  59. It's fun being me.
  60. Panda is Timeless
  61. Bulk Discounts??
  62. USPS Closed today
  63. DHL Finally delivered
  64. It's been a week of Mondays
  65. Announcing a new vendor to the Classic Nib family
  66. Lucite,Combos,Patriotic, and more
  67. Free Handle with Rotundo?
  68. Italian Lucite on SALE
  69. Dee's Cookies are BACK
  70. Captcha problems?
  71. Here we grow again
  72. Some things to be proud of
  73. It's better to give than receive
  74. Lost and found
  75. The Panda is coming, yes it's coming
  76. We're now Dealers for BSI CA's
  77. Chrome plating
  78. Buddy, do you know what time it is?
  79. Brooks Combo's
  80. NO! IT"S NOT US
  81. Toni's BOGO Blanks
  83. No more Dee's Cookies for a while
  84. A sad day at Classic's
  85. Lions and Tigers and Bears---Oh My!!!
  86. Meet the Woman of Classic Nib
  87. The Poly Clay Queen has Arrived
  88. We will have our vise's
  89. The tease is over but!!!!!
  90. Is it a sale or is it a giveaway
  91. Big news tease!
  92. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing
  94. Classic's has added 2 new Vendors and a new Nib
  95. 2,805 miles total
  96. Patty Sole "Bambi's Dad"
  97. Patty Sole "Statue of Liberty"
  99. New items and restocked of some old items
  100. Notice!!! We will be out of pocket until Monday
  101. Restocked your favorite Sierra Clone
  102. Two tone only or Gilded,polished and two tone
  103. The wait is over, Patty Sole's Classic Blank Art.
  104. The Bash was a success for us
  105. Gauging Interest
  106. Delayed by the Postal service
  107. IN STOCK!!!!
  108. Found a way to make more $$$
  109. Out of Stock reasons
  110. Class(ic) act!
  111. We have visitors
  112. Getting ready to ship out!
  113. Want Green Stamps or 25% OFF?
  114. A small flock just flew in
  115. Photo's please
  116. We just had our Bell rung!
  117. Welcome Peter (Wood-of-1kind)
  118. EZ Bond Accelerator
  119. Had lunch got vise's
  120. News from the Nib newsletter
  121. BOGO
  122. Want to join these fine Vendors?
  123. It's that time again!
  124. A public thanks and more are on the way
  125. Potential
  126. The wait is over! Brooks has arrived!
  127. Welcome to Classic's Blanks by Brooks
  128. What in the heck is a Feathered Fiber?
  129. Cyber monday discount
  130. Restocked a sell-out!
  131. Happy Holidays
  132. Stainless & Titanium
  133. "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"
  134. Tease, Tease, Tease
  135. Watches, Beer,Sports and Feathers oh my!
  136. An open invitation
  137. Did you know
  138. November Special
  139. A different take on Steam-Punk
  140. Clip rings
  141. Look what just slithered in!
  142. Shipping holiday
  143. Miles ahead of the rest!
  144. Let's face it
  146. Computers down
  147. New menu item,but not BLT
  148. News letter
  149. Vendor of the month
  150. Are you ready for Football?
  151. Be on the lookout!!
  152. Watch's,Crosses and Steel Plates,OH MY!
  153. Thinking is dangerous
  154. Vendor Partner of the month
  155. Do you play, baseball,football or golf?
  156. Are Damascus and Vise ever the same
  157. It's spring time in Canada
  158. Snake's and Cap's
  159. 25% discount site wide!!!!
  160. Look Out Virginia here we come!
  161. More News from the Nib
  162. News from the Nib
  163. Steel Between Center Bushing are in!
  164. Craft-Coat is here!
  165. We're home
  166. Notice!
  167. Any update on TBC bushings?
  168. Welcome PTownsubbie (Fred Wissen)
  169. News from the Nib
  170. Polymer clay score from the nib.
  171. The Cigar room is open again
  172. Bash shipping discount
  173. Feathers, Iron clad and Burls...Oh MY!
  174. Welcome Steve @ NittanyLion Burls
  175. Drum roll please!!!!Classic's is back
  176. Need a car?
  177. Tomorrow's the big day.
  178. A review of New Polymer Clay Blanks from Roy
  179. Classic's will be better
  180. Site is partly down!
  181. Only 24 more days
  182. Bang,Bang!
  183. Classic's is Improving
  184. Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  185. Repete of a sell-out
  186. Who is it? What is it?
  187. We're looking for you!
  188. Welcome Kathy, our latest artist partner
  189. To include or to link, that is the question
  190. Kent's Ironclad's are back
  191. She fly's,she writes and she tells time
  192. OMG...Marla's human like us
  193. Welcome the MAD CHEMIST
  194. Looking for John Johnson
  195. Jax Beer blank
  196. Lions, Cheetahs and Bears, Oh My!!!!
  197. Definition of a Component set (Kit)
  198. Take a trip to Italy.
  199. It's great being me,
  200. Creative Writing - Sports Inspired Blanks
  201. Welcome friends