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  1. Congratulations to the Master Puzzlers! Winners announced!
  2. Almost Daily Puzzler Tie Breaker/BONUS ROUND...last call for start times!
  3. Almost Daily Puzzler Tie Breaker Puzzle! WITH BONUS ROUND chance for everyone!!
  4. Almost Daily Puzzler Random Drawing Winners announced!
  5. Almost Daily Puzzler Final Scores!
  6. Lathes, Lathes, Lathes, Crossword Puzzle Answers
  7. 2/27/13 Last and final puzzle of the Almost Daily Puzzler!
  8. 2/25/13 New crossword puzzle available!
  9. Stop poking the bear, darnit!! :) New Leaderboard!
  10. 2/23/13 New jigsaw available
  11. 2/21/13 The bear has roared! :) New puzzle available! **word list now visible
  12. time to poke the bear!
  13. Inky Crossword puzzle answers!
  14. 2/18/13 New Puzzle Available!
  15. Leaderboard!
  16. 2/15/13 "Inky" crossword puzzle second chance!
  17. 2/14/13--Got a stumper for you! New Crossword
  18. Trying to give all the hints I can!!!
  19. Please be sure you proof of completion is correct...final warning!
  20. 2/13/13 New Word Search Puzzle--now fixed
  21. Here is what you are competing for...let's sweeten the pot a little!
  22. 2/10/13 New jigsaw puzzle available!
  23. 2/7/13 New Word Search Puzzle!--now working!
  24. For the latest slide puzzle...PLEASE READ THE RULES!!
  25. 2/6/13 New Puzzle!
  26. 2/3/13--How about a crossword puzzle this time!
  27. 2/2/13--New puzzle posted!
  28. The Almost Daily Puzzler Contest!