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  1. Substitute drill bit sizes
  2. Vacuum chamber size question.
  3. Mole Kingsnake
  4. Mammoth Tusks
  5. Does anybody sell assembled inlay blanks?
  6. CNC inlay
  7. Segmenting Craft paper double helix
  8. Looking for someone to cast snake skins blanks for me
  9. Has anybody turned a Medical logo inlay pen?
  10. Watch's
  11. Watch Parts
  12. Fun from Today
  13. Casting Blue and Orange
  14. Antler Blanks
  15. Painting inside blank help
  16. abalone shell source
  17. Poly Clay Unicorns, Cardinals, Frogs & more!
  18. Thanks Chris (Wishman)!!
  19. Casting Pressure Potless
  20. Using a Taig For Segmenting
  21. Need advice on making Abalone blanks
  22. Band Saw or Table Saw for cutting blanks
  23. Hybrid blanks
  24. Busy week slicing.
  25. One happy client!
  26. Franck Muller dial on Abalone
  27. Segmenting Best way to cut a diagonal along length of blank?
  28. Casting Rookie needs help with pressure pot set up
  29. Plastic blank with no smell
  30. Best tube adhesive?
  31. Casting Love these
  32. Watch Parts
  33. Stabilization Vacuum Pump 20% Off
  34. need some help
  35. Processing Green Cherry Blossom, Tips Please
  36. Casting Alumilite Ribbon Pen Blanks
  37. Several blanks going out the door
  38. School me on blank material options, please
  39. wood for blanks
  40. Rack for holding tubes for casting
  41. "Secret Wood" pen blank ideas
  42. Casting Hybrid burl process
  43. Casting Just starting and need advice
  44. Polymer Braid
  45. Making Pool Cue Blanks for the Mistral RB
  46. Carbon Fiber blanks
  47. Casting casting molds
  48. Couple of new Sierra laser inlay designs for this week.
  49. Sierra Houndstooth Laser Segmented Pen Blank
  50. Eagle wave
  51. Wood Honeycomb and Alumilite
  52. Casting Scales
  53. Using collected wood
  54. Alumilite / Liquide diamond bonding question
  55. Couple of Sierra Laser Cut Designs
  56. Couple of new Sierra designs for 2018
  57. Looking for a pen blank
  58. Polymer Clay Blanks
  59. Thermally modified pen blanks
  60. Question about dying with Cactus Juice
  61. Looking for a couple blanks
  62. Poly Clay Some new Valentines and other PC blanks
  63. Pressure Pot Floor Question
  64. looking for blank makers
  65. Watch Parts
  66. Stabilization What moisture meter do you use?
  67. Fabric Blanks
  68. Worst resin for turning
  69. More on water slide decals
  70. Casting This should make a nice pen
  71. printing waterslides
  72. Ideal blank size
  73. Question about plastics
  74. IKEA Pen Blanks
  75. Can anyone help?
  76. Anyone fimiliare with the Tiny Ginay pen
  77. Casting What’s wrong with me?
  78. Steampunk / watchpart pen
  79. Stabilization Anybody seen this blank before ??
  80. Poly Clay PSI Polymer Clay and Canes
  81. Fyi for Denver area peeps
  82. 8 ring Celtic knot
  83. Checker board Proto-Type
  84. Rikon 10-324 Bandsaw in the truck
  85. How was this done?
  86. michaels canada casting resin
  87. Casting Who made this blank?
  88. WTF!?!?!
  89. Selecting Wood to Stabilize
  90. More help with Celtic knots plz.
  91. You guys are such bad influences...
  92. Grading Pen Blanks
  93. Help with drilling Celtic knots
  94. Casting Still new to the casting game but i love these
  95. Dead dogwood tree
  96. Segmenting How to get the jagged edge
  97. First cast
  98. Acrylic plexiglass?
  99. Quartersawn wood for pens
  100. Question about Stabilizer
  101. Colored pencil blank
  102. Segmenting Bandsaw Blades?
  103. Sistema molds
  104. Some recent Laser Cut Inlay and Segmented blanks
  105. carbonized bamboo wood
  106. Mixing wood with Alumilite
  107. Corian question
  108. Multi camouflage by Cyre Precision
  109. Navy Rank pen blanks HELP
  110. New mould
  111. Bottle Cap Blank
  112. 14 Steps to Ruin a Cactus Juice Chamber
  113. Query about rhinoplastic blank.
  114. A BIG oops
  115. Blanks from MDF?
  116. Anyone have an Alumilite coupon/discount running right now? :)
  117. Pen blank issue
  118. Casting kit for newbie.
  119. Name that wood...again!
  120. I need directions so I dont hurt myself
  121. Alumilite cloud
  122. Steal of a Deal at a Flooring Liquidator
  123. Stabilizer
  124. Nice find
  125. Custom Cast Blank
  126. Walleye Wally
  127. A Laser Cut Blank for the Mistral Pen
  128. Somethong a little different
  129. Solid flooring into blanks?
  130. On vacation.
  131. Horsing around
  132. Correct paint with acrylic?
  133. Pressure pot rack
  134. who makes these blanks
  135. Labels & Decals Label Chart
  136. Who makes these blanks?
  137. Dymalux Pen Blanks
  138. Stabilization How to use or prepare into blanks?
  139. Wood id
  140. How to make Cocobolo color change?
  141. Dye infusion
  142. Lazer inlay Kit
  143. Labels & Decals What am I doing wrong here?
  144. Another polyclay attempt
  145. Carbon Fiber blanks
  146. Hammered Metal Foils
  147. Sierra Style with Simple Geometric Laser cut Inlays
  148. Laser Cut Sierra Inlay Blanks
  149. Removing Bottle Caps
  150. Sap wood
  151. Kerfs on Nobex Mitre Saw
  152. First blanks
  153. Work in progress
  154. Poly Clay Some poly clay weekend work
  155. Laser Cut Sierra Inlay Blanks
  156. What Blank is This?
  157. Blue Jays Blank
  158. 3D chevron crosswrap
  159. Batch of Sierra style Laser Cut Basket Weave Inlaid Pen Blanks
  160. Many types of resin?
  161. Chess Themed Laser Cut Sierra Pen Blanks
  162. What to do with really new wood..
  163. Looking for some Eagle blanks, pens and misc for an article.
  164. Nightingale with a whole mess of colors
  165. Easy organization
  166. Do you need to stabilize burl
  167. Another Way to Laser Cut Segmentation
  168. A Paver Brick Inspired Laser Cut Sierra Blank
  169. Laser Cut Helically Segmented Sierra Blank
  171. Some new blanks back from getting cast for me.
  172. My Latest Laser Cut Inlay Design
  173. MPG Blanks
  174. Oven baked clay
  175. New Twist on the Puzzle Pen Blank
  176. Stabilization in Phoenix
  177. Casting Pheasant Feathers .........
  178. New To Site
  179. Casting Skydiving themed pen? (Creativity block, need help)
  180. Labels & Decals best softwear for making printing decals
  181. Cholla Harvest
  182. New pen idea for my fellow Santa buddies.
  183. New ideas and new wrap patterns
  184. Wood ID
  185. Free wood milling with a chainsaw mill
  186. Issues with drilling blanks
  187. Even more new thread wrapped blanks.
  188. Wood ID
  189. 1/8 inch plywood accents?
  190. Free Wood
  191. Blanks from pallet wood
  192. Joining pieces of Alumilite
  193. Coffee bean blanks
  194. Help with casting
  195. OH CRUMB!
  196. Acrylic adhesive
  197. Thread wrapped blanks I"m working on now.
  198. C.A. Technologies 51-201C vs. 52-201 Pressure Pot
  199. Failure makes good practice
  200. Wrapping new patterns
  201. Segmenting I really should stop with watching Youtube for Ideas
  202. Gatsby Click Pens
  203. Wood dying.
  204. Interesting Worthless Wood
  205. Ripping hardwoods
  206. Mold Release Question
  207. Casting Playing Card Blanks how to?
  208. Question on bird's eye maple
  209. Demonstrator with colored ripples?
  210. What would your recommendations be?
  211. I'm looking for a Glow in the Dark blank.
  212. Bottle Stopper Blank Size
  213. Stickers/decals/labels/etc...for "tube in" blanks ???
  214. Shark vertebrae.. need cast in alumilite
  215. Stamp blank.. I need one made
  216. Printing on cloth
  217. Non-wood Shaving soap Bowl, blanks?
  218. Help
  219. Casting Jungle fowl / Roster Pheasant feather casting
  220. Stabilization Cactus Juice Activator
  221. Pen Blank Source
  222. iIs there an ugly blank contest going on
  223. My first ...........
  224. Marine NCO blank
  225. Segmenting Best glue for Spectraply?
  226. First blank making attempts
  227. Cast a blank for me
  228. How to dye the blanks
  229. First time getting ready for a show....
  230. can anybody ID who makes this
  231. Weird Wood
  232. A Newbie question for blanks
  233. Coffee Beans Question
  234. A Few Questions on Watch Parts
  235. The best birthday gift *EVER*!!! Eagles famous "Wave" design blank!
  236. Aluminum Foil
  237. Glueing Wood Slabs to Make a Blank
  238. Deer antler question
  239. Casting Mold For Vertex RB or FP
  240. Where to get carbon fiber?
  241. Casting
  242. Making Snake Skin Blanks
  243. Carbon Fiber for 8mm?
  244. Image help!!! Perfect to Crap when barrel trimming
  245. Another way to make decals?
  246. Birdseye Bonus in the Catus Juice
  247. Cubist Pens Revisited
  248. Matching blanks to your Floors?!?!
  249. Kempas blanks?
  250. Samples