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  1. Wanted Crosscut Red Cedar
  2. Wanted Premium Curly Koa Pen Blanks
  3. Wanted Bulk colored pencils
  4. Wanted pen boxes
  5. Wanted Someone to make some pinecone blanks
  6. Trade Any trade interest?
  7. Wanted Blue Mahoe Blanks
  8. Wanted Wooden thread screw
  9. Wanted Pen Blanks
  10. Trade Dogwood blanks
  11. Gift 3 Free Calico Cocobolo pen blanks 3/4 x 6", I'll ship for free * Until gone *
  12. Wanted Skateboard blank
  13. Wanted Jr Gent 1 - Center Band
  14. Wanted Laser engraving
  15. Wanted Jr Aaron Parts
  16. Wanted Wolverine Grinding Jig
  17. Gift Misc Pen Parts
  18. Wanted Anniversary Mugs #7 and 8
  19. Wanted Monkey Puzzle Wood with Natural Edge
  20. Wanted Pressimo Fountain Nib
  21. Trade Trade Mystery Wood Blanks For Anything Interesting
  22. Wanted laser for pens
  23. Wanted Looking for vintage cellulose acetate pen blanks
  24. Wanted Veneer sheets
  25. Wanted Wanted burl cutoffs for worthless wood blanks.
  26. Wanted Gold Plated Cigar Pen Finial
  27. Wanted Someone making pens for me...
  28. Wanted "Jr." kits
  29. Wanted broken part
  30. Wanted 60 Degree Drive Center
  31. Wanted Air Force related wood
  32. Wanted Hairy Oak Blanks
  33. Wanted Georgia Tech Sierra Pen Blank
  34. Trade Wood for acrylics
  35. Wanted Turners Smock
  36. Wanted Boring Head
  37. Wanted Tube-in casting molds. Willing to buy or trade
  38. Trade In need of Pen, Pencil, Letter Open gift box
  39. Trade Fine Wood Working Magazines No. 1 thru No. 204
  40. Wanted Tap and Die set
  41. Wanted Stabilizing/resin casting help
  42. Would Someone Help with Watch Parts?
  43. Wanted pen boxes
  44. Wanted Basic pen turning supplies needed
  45. Wanted Aromatherapy necklace kits
  46. Wanted Sierra and PSI grenade bushings
  47. Wanted Jr. series end cap
  48. Wanted Looking for pre-drilled Corian
  49. Wanted Wanted: Christís Church/Harry Potter Blank
  50. Wanted Star of Life clip
  51. Wanted Douglas Fir Burl Pen Blanks
  52. Wanted Majestic black TN/Rhodium Cap and clip
  53. Wanted Snake skin blanks
  54. Wanted Rhodium Jr. Harold and White Abolone Blanks
  55. Wanted Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre Black Titanium/Gold end piece
  56. Gift 50 + Stock Parker Style BP Refills
  57. Gift Free cutoffs - you pay shipping though
  58. Wanted Chrome European Twist Pencil Kits
  59. Wanted Black chrome cigar kit seller?
  60. Trade "christmas" colorply blanks
  61. Wanted Metal Lathe
  62. Wanted Walnut burl for a Vietnam vet- WTB
  63. Wanted Wooded Curved Single Pen Stands
  64. Wanted Looking for older style Nouveau Sceptre twist ball point tubes.
  65. Wanted Beauty and The Beast
  66. Wanted Stabilization help - Houston area
  67. Wanted Black or nickel bolt action tube
  68. Wanted Ebony Veneer and Larger Blanks
  69. Trade CA Glue For ?
  70. Wanted Looking for a couple pieces of matching Snake Wood
  71. Trade Looking for Mopani Blank
  72. Wanted Big Ben/Cigar click pen kits
  73. Trade Corian tiles
  74. Wanted 12mm 3x tap and die set
  75. Wanted Snakeskin Zen
  76. Wanted pen press
  77. Wanted Philippines ebony
  78. Gift 25-50 Parker Style Stock Refills
  79. Trade Trex for kits
  80. Wanted Simple Forked Cheese Knife
  81. Trade Looking for Zen kits
  82. Wanted Easywood Tools
  83. Wanted Great Palace Vine FP Kit Rhodium & Gold
  84. Trade Cholla Cactus
  85. Wanted snakeskin 8mm/letter o
  86. Trade Burl caps
  87. Wanted Marine Corps Blank
  88. Wanted Looking for a chrome or polished nickel 7mm pen tube
  89. Trade Junior Gent Kits
  90. Wanted 1/2 by 1/2 bar stock
  91. Trade Woodcraft Laminated blanks
  92. Wanted Koa wtb
  93. Wanted Faceplate
  94. Gift Wood and Turning books
  95. Wanted Wanted acrylic pen blanks team colors
  96. Wanted Wanted: Christ Church College Blanks
  97. Gift Black walnut shavings
  98. Gift Cutoffs for segmenters
  99. Trade Trade Alaska blanks for redbud blanks
  100. Gift Misc Pen Parts
  101. Wanted OSU scarlet and grey pen
  102. Wanted Like this pen design, looking for kit
  103. Wanted Mistral BP Rhodium-Rhodium accents
  104. Wanted Looking for Lebanon Cedar Pen Blank
  105. Wanted Custom blanks
  106. Wanted Leveche bushings
  107. Wanted Black and White Sox themed blank
  108. Gift Free - HUT 590f - Fat Pen Finials
  109. Trade Fir Tree Cones (Small)
  110. Wanted Emperor Finial Rhodium and BT
  111. Wanted Cocobolo Blanks
  112. Wanted Wanted - Jr Gent Rollerball
  113. Wanted Claro Walnut Blanks
  114. Wanted Looking for a Tuscany 1 Silver pen kit
  115. Wanted Nova mini Cole jaws
  116. Wanted Sitka Spruce
  117. Gift Liquid Diamonds Tube-In Blanks (USPS SFR Box)
  118. Rules for Deals Trades Gifts & Wants