View Full Version : Trades, Gifts, & Wants

  1. Wanted Simple Forked Cheese Knife
  2. Trade Looking for Zen kits
  3. Wanted Easywood Tools
  4. Wanted Great Palace Vine FP Kit Rhodium & Gold
  5. Trade Cholla Cactus
  6. Wanted snakeskin 8mm/letter o
  7. Trade Burl caps
  8. Wanted Marine Corps Blank
  9. Wanted Looking for a chrome or polished nickel 7mm pen tube
  10. Trade Junior Gent Kits
  11. Wanted 1/2 by 1/2 bar stock
  12. Trade Woodcraft Laminated blanks
  13. Wanted Koa wtb
  14. Wanted Faceplate
  15. Gift Wood and Turning books
  16. Wanted Wanted acrylic pen blanks team colors
  17. Wanted Wanted: Christ Church College Blanks
  18. Gift Black walnut shavings
  19. Gift Cutoffs for segmenters
  20. Trade Trade Alaska blanks for redbud blanks
  21. Gift Misc Pen Parts
  22. Wanted OSU scarlet and grey pen
  23. Wanted Like this pen design, looking for kit
  24. Wanted Mistral BP Rhodium-Rhodium accents
  25. Wanted Looking for Lebanon Cedar Pen Blank
  26. Wanted Custom blanks
  27. Wanted Leveche bushings
  28. Wanted Black and White Sox themed blank
  29. Gift Free - HUT 590f - Fat Pen Finials
  30. Trade Fir Tree Cones (Small)
  31. Wanted Emperor Finial Rhodium and BT
  32. Wanted Cocobolo Blanks
  33. Wanted Wanted - Jr Gent Rollerball
  34. Wanted Claro Walnut Blanks
  35. Wanted Looking for a Tuscany 1 Silver pen kit
  36. Wanted Nova mini Cole jaws
  37. Wanted Lazerlinez Eagle Stainless Kits 3 each
  38. Wanted Sitka Spruce
  39. Wanted MT-2 Spur drive
  40. Wanted Live Edge Burl pieces
  41. Gift Free pieces for segmenting or ?
  42. Wanted Artisan Slimline Bullet Pen Kit Antique Brass
  43. Wanted Jr. Style Pen Kits
  44. Wanted WTB--Turning Tools/Chuck/Mandrel
  45. Wanted Cross style refills
  46. Wanted Stabilized ebony
  47. Wanted specialty blanks
  48. Gift 3 Slimline Tube-in Molds Wanted
  49. Trade 45mm & 30mm Extruded Aluminum T Slot Tubing
  50. Wanted Acrylic cutoffs
  51. Wanted Stacked Celluloid
  52. Wanted majestic nib
  53. Wanted Looking for a special blank
  54. Wanted Need a chrome Cigar tip, or tip assembly
  55. Gift Liquid Diamonds Tube-In Blanks (USPS SFR Box)
  56. Wanted Nice fountain pen kits for my parents
  57. Wanted Tibaldi Blank
  58. Wanted 7mm tubes
  59. Wanted Big Ben Cigar Click Pen Kits
  60. Wanted Teal Blank
  61. Wanted JR. Zues
  62. Gift About 50 Parker Style Stock BP Refills
  63. Wanted Looking for Stabilized Wood for making blanks
  64. Wanted Arco Verde Rod
  65. Wanted Wanted: Ringmaster Project Video III
  66. Wanted Sierra springs?
  67. Wanted Wanted: Jr Series Watch Part Blank
  68. Wanted White pen blanks
  69. Wanted Schmidt 5888 or other rollerball ink refills
  70. Wanted Silmar 41
  71. Need certain Pen Blanks
  72. Wanted Cherry Nut acrylic blanks
  73. Wanted Truck Blanks
  74. Wanted Pen kits
  75. Gift Segmenting cutoffs
  76. Wanted Lambeau bleacher blanks
  77. Gift Free Inserts
  78. Trade Slim line kits
  79. Wanted Rollerball Kit
  80. Wanted Red circuit board blank
  81. Wanted 8mm Tube
  82. Gift In need of some pen kits
  83. Rules for Deals Trades Gifts & Wants