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jeff 02-11-2018 11:03 AM

Auction - 2018 Managers Gift - Ends Tuesday 2/27
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Upcoming Auction: 2018 Managers Gift

Every year I produce a special item for our management team and others who have contributed to keeping the IAP running smoothly. We've had mugs, bowls, and last year it was a silkscreened pint glass. This year we have a really nice 16-ounce, two-tone glazed mug. Only 12 were made, and they're numbered (accompanied by certificate of authenticity). There are only three ways to get one of the managers gifts: be an active member of the IAP management team, as a special gift from me, or to win the yearly auction we have for the managers item.

If you win this auction, you can have your choice of #1 or #12.
I'll also include a pound of (your choice - milk or dark) chocolates from a Cleveland favorite: Malley's Chocolate

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Pint Glass
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Chili Bowl
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Attachment 173674

jeff 02-24-2018 12:09 PM

This is the last auction of the 2018 Bash, and it's OFFICIALLY OPEN!

Please turn your attention to The IAP Auctioneer, Mr. Chuck Hutchings!

I will be adding several sweeteners to this auction, so keep an eye out!

This auction will end no later than (but possibly earlier than, at the auctioneers discretion) Tuesday 2/27 at 7:00pm ET.

Dalecamino 02-24-2018 12:17 PM

+Thank you Jeff!!

Ok everybody!

LLLLLLet's Get Ready To Rumblllllle!!!

Who will start the Bidding on this cool Managers Mug?

Do I hear $50.00?

stonepecker 02-24-2018 12:23 PM

Since it is the 14 year of the IAP............I will open with $14.00

Gwatson50 02-24-2018 12:23 PM


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stonepecker 02-24-2018 12:26 PM

have limited funds for this but I will go $54

Dalecamino 02-24-2018 12:27 PM

Good start!

Wayne bid $14.00

But Gwatson 50 is at $50.00!

Thanks Gwatson and Wayne!

Do we hear $60.00?

Dalecamino 02-24-2018 12:27 PM

OK Wayne at $54.00!

Do we hear $60.00?

lorbay 02-24-2018 12:53 PM

Ok here is $60.00

Dalecamino 02-24-2018 01:12 PM

Lin brings $60.00!

Thanks you Lin!

Do we hear $70.00?

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