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Old 02-17-2017, 10:38 AM   #21 (permalink)
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Cole said - "Wow! Thanks for all of the votes! I'm really proud of this pen and winning!"

Josh said - "Yeah! I placed! I didn't think I would. Thanks!

My comments - Thanks to the IAP for supporting and offering these contests for the kids! Its great time to spend with the kids. As well, and important to me, it gives them a positive experience with tools, equipment and woodworking - skills that they will use the rest of their lives. My daughter (who has competed in these in the past, but couldn't this year due to school work) was at a service event with about 30 of her classmates last fall. They were digging up plants and redoing some landscaping at a city park. She was the ONLY one who knew how to use a shovel. Really! Yes, these girls (its an all girls school) had never dug holes with a shovel! And thanks, in part, to pen making and the IAP my 15 year old daughter is comfortable using a drill, drill press, lathe, saws, etc. So, thanks for putting on these contests!! I know that doesn't have to do with a shovel - but still being able to use tools is a wonderful skill.

Next, for Cole (13 year-old), really proud of him (win or lose, still really proud of him). Back in early January I asked him if he wanted to participate and he said that he did. Then I asked him if he really wanted to try to win, and he said he did. I told him that the thing to do to increase the chance of winning would be to make a segmented pen. He asked what that was, and I pulled up the "only post segmented pens" thread and we looked at a bunch of pens and explained how some of them were made. I explained how he would have to use the table saw to cut the pieces, he said that was fine as long as I was there (which of course I was going to be there). A couple weeks ago when it was time to start the pen I asked him if he was ready, he said he was, so I handed him a can of pop and told him he needed to drink it (we don't drink pop much in our household) - and his eyes lit up, but then asked me why? Of course, it was to get the metal from the can for the segments. Anyway, the whole process of the pen was fun to watch him do. I taught him how to set up a jig to cut the wood on the table saw, and all sorts of stuff. Also had a couple of oops moments we had to recover from. Anyway, it was a great time and with some life long learning happening.

All 3 of my kids have their pen collections and bring them out when they need to sign something or write something.

For the other contestants - these are all really great pens! And Cole is aging out next year - so you don't have to worry about him making some fancy smanshy pen next year - unless you are 14!

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Old 02-17-2017, 11:05 AM   #22 (permalink)
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Great job by all!
Derek Oliver

Penturning - Its basically taxidermy for trees.
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Originally Posted by lyonsacc View Post
Cole said - "Wow! Thanks for all of the votes! I'm really proud of this pen and winning!"

Josh said - "Yeah! I placed! I didn't think I would. Thanks!
When they receive their prizes, they need to say, "Dad, those are OUR blanks. . . hands off!"

Congratulations to the final three, and to all of the youngsters for having the courage to enter.
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Marley asked me Sunday how the voting went. I have been sick the last few days, and sitting at work thinking about heading West (home). Well I told her she didn't win but she asked if she could see who did. I showed her, and the first place pen, she said I bet you like that pen being made of wood, and the other ones she said they were real pretty and I bet people had a hard time voting. I asked her how she felt about not winning and she said it's okay because the other pens are real pretty.

I am more proud of her response than her winning. I think that shows I am doing something right raising my daughters.
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