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Old 10-04-2017, 04:32 PM   #11 (permalink)
its_virgil's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Wichita Falls, TX, USA.
Posts: 6,928
Photos: 74


If you have time consider priority mail shipping of your tools to your desination.
I've done that before. Just a thought.
Do a good turn daily!

Originally Posted by TonyL View Post
Hi Folks:

I plan to take a short trip and will only need a carry on bag (unless I have to check a bag). I want pack my HSS skew and roughing gouge without the handles. Do you think I will be allowed to carry this on to the plane?

Thank you.
Don Ward aka its_virgil
Wichita Falls, Texas (pen stuff I've written)
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Old 10-04-2017, 05:24 PM   #12 (permalink)
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: central Minnesota
Posts: 4,225
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Don hit the nail on the head.....ship them to yourself and have them shipped back when done.
(So much easier not to have to explain to someone that isn't a turner)

Be sure to insure them for replacement if lost.
It's not "Having what you want" is "Wanting what you have".

"Don't go riding on that long black train."
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Old 10-04-2017, 06:37 PM   #13 (permalink)
KenV's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Juneau, Alaska.
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I threw a roughing gouge blade in my spouses carryon bag at the last minure. It was unhandled, new and blunt. I got to go down and put it in a checked bag.
Ken Vaughan
Old Apprentice Machinist - learning a new knee in Tucson
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Old 10-04-2017, 06:51 PM   #14 (permalink)
Woodchipper's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: Cleveland, TN
Posts: 1,535
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There is a bit of inconsistency with airport security. I have heard of people carrying an item through security and when they changed planes at another airport, it was a no-no.
I was flying to Los Angeles with an infra red burner in a wooden box that I made. The security guy thought the venturi tube could be used as a weapon. When I mentioned it was a sample gas burner, the moron thought there was gas was in the burner!!!! Ahhh, mesuggah!
You can't take a drill bit on the plane but you can take a ballpoint pen? Which is more dangerous?
Due to the lack of interest, tomorrow will be cancelled.

Last edited by Woodchipper; 10-04-2017 at 06:54 PM.
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Old 10-04-2017, 09:09 PM   #15 (permalink)
Member Liaison
leehljp's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Tunica, MS,
Posts: 5,872
Photos: 46


Of course the answer is NO. When we were still in Japan, a Japanese man hijacked a 747 (in country) with a screwdriver.

Way after 9/11, I was in line to go through security (in Japan) and the fellow in front of me pulled out his cigarette lighter, obviously against regulations (and a picture of a lighter was on a poster with a big X on it). I made a comment that it wasn't allowed. The security guard said "Thats OK, he is Japanese!" I just shook my head!

Pre-9/11, I had a flight out of Haneda (Tokyo/Yokohama) to Hong Kong and had a small pocket knife in my pocket. The security inspector said it was a no-no. He took some tape, wrapped it around the knife, gave it back and said: "Put it in your briefcase." I did!
Hank Lee

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!
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Old 10-05-2017, 08:09 AM   #16 (permalink)
Brooks803's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Aiken, South Carolina
Photos: 235


When I was flying home from the MPG several years ago TSA had a big issue with my fountain pens. I had to uncap each one to prove they weren't knife blades. Not to mention explain what a fountain pen is, lol. Took forever to go through them all. The funniest thing is that they didn't give a damn about the 12" long 1" dia rod of Damascus steel I had in the same bag!
"Give a lazy man something difficult to do and he will find the easiest way to get it done." - Me
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Old 10-05-2017, 09:13 AM   #17 (permalink)
TonyL's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Posts: 5,182
Photos: 6


Thank you all. I am very content to check them. Even one better, the member, I am visiting told me to leave mine home. Thank you all very much.
Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? Abraham Lincoln


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Old 10-05-2017, 06:33 PM   #18 (permalink)
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Clyde, Texas
Posts: 524
Photos: 1


This is why I drive wherever I want to go. I can carry anything I please. Don't have to answer to anyone but LOML. Can stop where and when I want to. I'm a retired Air Force pilot. Loved flying, but it's just not worth the hassle to me now. Besides, the driver's seat in my pickup is more comfortable than my recliner at home.
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Old 10-06-2017, 07:53 PM   #19 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Bartlett, IL 60103
Posts: 524
Photos: 37


I had to leave a full set of brand new ratcheting wrenches with TSA years ago. I was devastated.

I met a guy many years ago (before TSA) tha learned at a n
ninja camp to grind a tri cornered file sharp and embed it in a pen body. It was a scary looking little weapon. He carried it on airplanes.

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Old 10-06-2017, 10:55 PM   #20 (permalink)
tomas's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Rio Rancho, NM
Posts: 312
Photos: 0


I would check them rather than try carrying them on. It you try taking them through TSA, they may confiscate them. (You could visit them in the Verbotten display case whenever you fly.) You would also be put on a special list deserving special attention and inspection.
My wife and I included a can of spray starch in our suit case about 7 years ago. when we opened the bag the starch was gone and replaced with a nasty notice. A few weeks later, we received a nasty letter from the TSA. Then for the next several years our checked bags were opened and inspected every time we flew. All because my wife didn't want to throw away a nearly new can of spray starch.

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