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Fridgecritter 09-22-2017 08:31 PM

How to get the jagged edge
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The only way I can think to achieve this look is the break off the end of the wood but that would compromise the structural integrity of the wood? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Mr Vic 09-22-2017 09:01 PM

Other then piercing along the grain with an exacto knife or similar I think snapping it is you best bet. Maybe cut with a saw and then use a heavy blade to chop the ends as if you didn't quite have the strength to split the log for fire wood. If you you are casting under pressure to achieve what you have the resin should fill the voids and penetrate into the wood. How structurally sound do you need it to be. Looks like it would make an awesome dip pen.

stuckinohio 09-22-2017 11:14 PM

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I think you simply need to cast with burl end pieces or burl caps. Make a mold with the length you want then place burl caps at both ends, facing inwards. Cast with clear alumilite, or whatever color you want of course.

I've put a couple burl caps I had arranged how I think you would like it. Just have to imagine they are in a mold!

magpens 09-23-2017 01:02 AM


Now that you have achieved "the look", do you feel that the integrity of the wood is compromised ?

I would think that during the casting, some resin would flow into the splits in the wood and would compensate for any weakening ... especially if the resin cures under vacuum (or perhaps even in a pressure pot)

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