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Old 11-29-2017, 10:20 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Arrow 200+ Kits for Sale - 15% off Retail Price

Hey all!
It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I’m still turning pens here and there, but my career is taking me into the cinematography world, so I’m finding I have less and less time to turn.
So I am selling a good amount of my pen kit stock. (roughly 200 kits)
All these kits are new and in their original bags.

To make it easy, I am selling them for 15% off the current retail price which is listed alongside the kit.

Message me a list of the kits you want along with your shipping address and PayPal email and I’ll get an invoice sent you’re way.
Shipping will be Priority Mail flat rate depending on which box your order will fit in.
Small Flat Rate - $8
Medium Flat Rate - $14.50
Large Flat Rate - $20

Kits are listed first by the name, second the item number, and last is the retail price for each kit (from which you’ll deduct the 15%).
Note, you don't have to buy the entire quantity of each pen kit. Just let me know how many you want.
Post will be actively revised with current stock.

-Penn State Ind

---First off here are some kits that already have their blanks drilled and tubes glued. They are brand new kits that I started to make but never got around to turning. See the attached photos.
50 cal Ballpoint Flip Pen (PK50BPX) $12.95 with pre drilled and glued white lightning acrylic blank
9x 50 cal Cartridge Twist Pen Kit (pk50cal) $7.95 with pre drilled and glued blanks (blanks 2, 5, and 9 sold)
13x Steam Punk Bolt Action Pen Kit Antique Pewter / Antique Copper (pksppb) $31.45 with pre drilled and glued blanks (mostly sweet gum)

Southwest Pen Kit Antique Pewter (pkswpap) $19.95
Dragon Twist Antique Brass (pkdraab) $17.95
Dragon Twist Pen Kit Antique Copper (pkdraac) $17.95
Celtic Fountain Antique Brass (pkcpenfab) $31.95
Celtic Rollerball Pen Kit Antique Pewter (pkcpenrap) $31.95
KnurlGT Twist Pen Antique Brass (pkknab) $12.95
KnurlGT Twist Pen Gun Metal (pkkngm) $9.95
2x Shock Absorber Pen 24kt Gold and Chrome (pksapen24) $10.95
Shock Absorber Pen Black and Chrome (pksapenbk) $10.95
Shock Absorber Pen Gun Metal and Chrome (pksapengm) $10.95
3x Chrome Pink Crystals Pen (pkctpen2) $9.95
2x Stratus Pen Kit 24kt (pkkpen24) $9.95
24kt Gold Plated Sculpted Pen (pksc-pen4) $10.95
Spartan Click Pen Kit Chrome (pkrpench) $7.95
Spartan Click Pen Kit Gun Metal (pkrpengm) $7.95
Telescopic Stylus Chrome Pen Kit (PKTPCCH) $6.95
2x Compton Click Pen Kit Black TN (pkjpenb) $8.95
2x Compton Click Pen Kit Gold TN (pkjpengt) $8.95
2x Compton Click Pen Kit Chrome (pkjpench) $6.95
Satin Pearl Amber Pen Kit (142408) $4.97
12x Apprentice European Pen Kit Chrome $2.95

3x Bolt Action 24kt Gold Pen Kit (pkcp8000) $14.95
2x Bolt Action Chrome Pen Kit (pkcp8010) $12.95
6x Bolt Action Gun Metal Pen Kit (pkcp8020) $12.95
3x Mini 30 cal Bolt Action Pen Kit Chrome (pkcp8210) $10.95
2x Mini 30 cal Bolt Action Pen Kit Gun Metal (pkcp8220) $10.95
Steam Punk Bolt Action Pen Kit Antique Brass / Antique Copper (pksppa) $31.45
Steam Punk Bolt Action Pen Kit Antique Copper / Antique Brass (pksppc) $31.45
10x Steam Punk Bolt Action Pen Kit Antique Pewter / Antique Copper (pksppb) $31.45
10x 50 cal Parker Style Cartridge Pen Kit (pk50calp) $7.95
8x 30 cal Mini cartridge Pen Kit Rose Gold Tip (pk30m) $4.95
3x 50 cal Ballpoint Flip Pen (PK50BPX) $12.95

Rollerballs from PSI
Nouveau Sceptre Rollerball Pen Rhodium and 22kt Gold Plate (pkdbrp) $29.95
Tycoon 24kt Gold Rollerball Pen (pktyrb24) $14.95
50 cal Rollerball Flip Pen (pk50rbx) $12.95

Fountains from PSI
Art Deco Fountain Pen Black Titanium and 22kt Gold Plate (pkart4f) $31.95
Majestic Fountain Pen Rhodium and Black Titanium (pkmaftp) $31.95

Pencils from PSI
Slimline 24kt Pencil (pk-pcl) $5.25
24kt Slimline Pro Click Pencil Kit (pk-pclxx) $6.95

Non-Pen Kits from PSI
Deluxe Razor/Brush Stand Kit (pkraste) $13.55
2x Chrome Magnum Razor Handle (pkramagch) $6.95
2x Badger Shaving Brush (1002b-1) $10.25
Black Titanium plated Bottle Stopper (bs1tnbk) $4.25
Black TN and Rhodium Majestic Jr Letter Opener (pkmajlotp) $16.95
24kt Sculptured Letter Opener Kit (pksc-LO2) $10.95
Seam Ripper with Large and Small Blades (pksr2) $7.95
2x Seam Ripper Single Blade (pksr1) $5.95
2x Gold Mini Stylus Kit (PKTS201) $3.95
Chrome Mini Stylus Kit (PKTS202) $3.45

New Bushings from PSI
Bushings for 50 Cal Flip Pen (pk50rbu) $4.95
Bushings for Shock Absorber Pen (pksapenbu) $4.95
Bushings for Vertex Click Pen Kit (pkfpbu) $5.95
Bushings for Compton Pen Kit (pkjpenbu) $4.95
3pc Bushing Set for Victorian Twist Pen Kit (pkvicbu) $5.95
3pc Bushing Set for PKSR1 & PKSR2 Seam Rippers (pksrbu) $5.95
3pc Bushing Set for Dragon Twist Pen Kit (pkdrabu) $5.95


Spider Filigree Fountain Pen (129961) $12
3x Euro Screw Cap Roller ball (128435) $14.69
Satin Pearl Euro Pen Kit (141660) $7.50
3x Click Ball Pt Pen Kit Gold (127671) $4.79
2x European Pen Gold Cap Assy-1 (06S45) $8.50
European Pen with Roller Clip (126454) $7.89
2x Gold Pen Solid Clip Cobalt (123052) $3.50
Premier Cigar Pencil Gold (147158) $21.99
Premier Cigar Pen Gold (147155) $6.99
Chrome Pizza Cutter Blade Kit (154265) $18.50
3x Chrome Plated w/beige Bottle Stopper (bs8l) $4.35
Detachable Lanyard Pen Gold (127785) $12.95
3x LED Flashlight Kit Chrome (157893) $12.95
3x LED Flashlight Kit Gun Metal (157894) $12.95

Atrax Rollerball HP Gold (EX-1108-R-HP) $12.95
Spare Atrax RB or Ftn Tube Set $3.50
4x Sierra Twist Solid Chrome Version (EK-7502-PL-SC-CHR) $12.25

-Classic Nib
Emperor Black Titanium Fountain $53.95
2x Citizen - Rhodium Fountain Pen $20.95
Citizen Rhodium Rollerball $17.95
2x Spare Citizen Tube sets $3.50/each

-Other Sites
2x Safety Razor Kit Chrome $9.95
Shotgun Shell Keychain Gold (15096) $12.00
2x Pen Light Click Kit (pk-pli3) $13.95

10x Parker Style Black Refills Medium Tip (wax sealed tips) (PKPAR-XGK) $1.39
20x Parker Style Blue Refills Medium Tip (wax sealed tips) (PKPAR-XGB) $1.39
6x Regular Parker Stule Refills Black (PKPARK-R5) $0.99
20x mini Cross Style Refills with white plastic end $0.75
Attached Thumbnails
pen-kits.jpg   pen-kits-1.jpg   pen-kits-2.jpg   pen-kits-3.jpg   50-cal-white-lightning-acrylic.jpg  

img_1864.jpg   steampunk-blanks.jpg  

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Old 12-04-2017, 03:22 PM   #2 (permalink)
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I would like the following: 2x Fusion Razor Handle Kit Chrome (PKRAHANX) $9.95

10x Parker Style Black Refills Medium Tip (wax sealed tips) (PKPAR-XGK) $1.39
20x Parker Style Blue Refills Medium Tip (wax sealed tips) (PKPAR-XGB) $1.39
6x Regular Parker Style Refills Black (PKPARK-R5) $0.99

2x Razor Chrome Kit (PKRAHAN) $8.95

Slimline Antique Copper Pen Kit (PK-PENAC) $5.55

2x Mini 30 cal Bolt Action Pen Kit 24kt Gold (pkcp8200) $12.95
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