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Rules & General Information RULE #1: Your full name and location in your profile!!

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Default General Rules for using the IAP Marketplace

General Rules for using The Marketplace at

The following rules apply to the use of all forums in The Marketplace section at Threads and posts which do not meet these general rules, as well as specific rules for individual Marketplace forums, are subject to editing, moving, or deletion. In the Classifieds and Premium Classifieds forums, where there is a cost to place an ad, refunds will not be issued if your ad is deleted unless a convincing case can be made that a rule was ambiguous or misleading.

The Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy are incorporated herein. Additional rules are usually posted in each forum.

Profile Info:

Except for the Vendor Forums, starting a thread in any Marketplace forum requires your full name and location in your member profile. If you start a thread and your profile does not contain the required information, you will be asked by a moderator or administrator to provide it. If the information is not provided within 24 hours, your thread may be deleted.

In the Vendor Forums, profile information is not required for any member except the vendor. The vendor is responsible for the integrity of transactions which result from posts in their forum.

Photo Rules:
  • Site-wide photo limits apply: Max 800x600px and 256K
  • All photos must be uploaded with your post (no off-site hosting)
  • IMG tags are disabled. Photos display as clickable thumbnails
Buyers and Sellers Must Communicate By PM or eMail: Posts such as “PM Sent" or "PayPal on the way", etc., are not allowed.

“Claiming Posts” Allowed in Some Forums: In the Steals & Deals and Premium Classifieds forums, buyers may still make "claiming posts", such as "I'll take X, Y, & Z" because that does serve the purpose of informing others what items (usually blanks) are gone.

No Polluting: Do not post comments, complaints, corrections, or information about competitive alternatives in any ad. Feel free to PM the seller with suggestions. If you see something in an ad which is misleading, deceptive, or unsafe, click the yellow triangle and alert a moderator.

No Auctions: Auctions are not permitted in the Marketplace. You may post a link to your non-commercial eBay auction in the Deals forum, or in Casual Conversation.

Editing Your Original Post: You have the ability to edit your post for two weeks after the original post time. Do not substantially change it. Do not add or delete significant amounts of text, add additional items, or remove or completely replace photos. You may add photos in the original post if you did not originally include the number allowed, and you may replace photos after adding an "X" to indicate sold items (generally used only for blank sales). You may edit the original post text to indicate an item or lot is sold, and you may reduce the price for items or lots. (Note: Editing your post to indicate it is closed is a courtesy to buyers, it is not a substitute for following the closure process described below.)

Closed Ads: Ad threads are closed when they have been moved by a moderator to the completed listings forum. If you still see your ad in one of the selling forums, it is not closed.

Closure Process:
When you wish your ad to be closed, click the yellow triangle to report the original post in your thread. Put “Complete” or “Close” in the text box and submit the report. Generally, a moderator will move a closed post within a few hours. If your thread is older than the allowed duration for the forum it resides in, it is subject to closure without warning. It would be very helpful if you would report your post for closure when you know its time has expired, even if you don’t want it closed so you can place another. Help the mods keep the forums tidy! Do not under any circumstance request closure of an ad which you did not place.

No “Group Purchases For Profit”:
You may not solicit orders for items which you do not have on hand or that you have not committed to buy from your supplier. If you want to gauge interest in a particular product, post a question or poll in the Market Research forum. If you want to run a Group Purchase, visit the Group Purchase Forum.

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