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dachshund1 02-24-2018 11:05 AM

Liquid Diamonds Tube-In Blanks (USPS SFR Box)
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Give away – you cover shipping ($7.20 per USPS small flat rate box): I’ve been trying to learn how to create my own tube-in blanks – the operative words being “trying” and “learning.” From my early experience, I’ve amassed a fair number of blanks which, while not aesthetically perfect (i.e., conspicuous seams), should provide some good practice turning Liquid Diamonds (LD) resin. Moreover, depending on your standards, skill level, etc. - many of these may make decent pens; if nothing else, the tubes are recoverable.

I have three (3) SFR box lots available for the cost of domestic shipping ($7.20); what you see will be split evenly in thirds (enough blanks for ~ 15 pens). Most are one-piece Sierras – with some 2-piece Baron/Sedona and Junior blanks mixed in – all wrapped in various decorative papers (e.g., Chiyogami, etc). These were sealed, cast in Liquid Diamonds @ 20 lbs. psi, and are fully cured. Most have already been squared up and are ready for the lathe. To my knowledge, they are all bubble-free.

Again, these are being offered solely for those (preferably, newer to the hobby) wanting some practice with LD: Please understand: These are beginner-level blanks! First come, first served. PayPal is fine for the shipping.

vmsherp 02-24-2018 11:08 AM

Iíd like to try turning some of this new LD stuff. Gotta see what the fuss is about before investing in resin.

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Mike8850 02-24-2018 11:12 AM

I'll take a box.

Curly 02-24-2018 11:18 AM

So there isn't any assumptions or confusion, Marla doesn't use Liquid Diamonds for her pen blanks. Hers are all made with Polyester Resin.

Good offer for learning to turn and polish epoxy blanks. Alumilite and PR will behave a little differently.

mg_dreyer 02-24-2018 11:40 AM

I would take a box for people in my classes if that is ok with you. They are all beginners and want to try acrlylics.

dachshund1 02-24-2018 11:44 AM

Sorry, Pete - I meant only to imply that these should be considered the result of an inexperienced hand. I'll remove the reference, if the system will allow me. Terry

maxwell_smart007 02-24-2018 11:48 AM

I've never used LD - but it looks like you have three already; I'll take one if anyone else backs out, though! :)

magpens 02-24-2018 02:21 PM

Hi Terry ....

Oh to be a beginner again ! ..... I would have loved to try out turning your blanks but don't qualify.

Maybe, soon, you will be ready to sell some blanks . . Please keep me in mind for that.

Curly 02-24-2018 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by dachshund1 (Post 1968954)
Sorry, Pete - I meant only to imply that these should be considered the result of an inexperienced hand. I'll remove the reference, if the system will allow me. Terry

No sweat. Leave it as written. As I said it is a good offer. I didnít want anyone to assume Marla is using epoxy for her pen blanks and later find they donít behave the same.

She actually wrote an article for the AAW on casting paper blanks. It was printed in last years August issue.

edicehouse 03-01-2018 07:46 AM

Day late and a dollar short... LOL, wish I had seen this on Saturday.

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