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Skie_M 10-21-2015 03:24 PM

Anybody tried the new dip pen from PSI?
Just got an email in today ... the new dip pen is in and available!

You get 5 per order, they come with 7mm tubes, 5 small sections (metal), and 5 screw-in fountain pen nibs.

They are designed to be used in-line with the handle of a pen that can be turned between centers or with a closed end turning.

Cost is about 12 dollars for each set of 5.

So .... has anybody tried these yet and how did you like/dislike them?

I'll be ordering a set or two soon, but I'ld love to hear some feedback on these concerning the quality of the nib for writing, ease of use, and any assembly issues you may have had.

djyanan 10-21-2015 05:34 PM

I turned one similar to this a few years ago for my Step Daughter, but got the components from somewhere else - the Golden Nib I think. It's an easy build - single tube, design possibilities are endless. The lower part was acrylic, finial was offset turned wood. Ended up being really nice. I'll see if I have a picture of it and post it.

djyanan 10-21-2015 05:46 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are the pictures.

Skie_M 10-21-2015 06:09 PM

Looks very nice!

How did she like using it?

djyanan 10-21-2015 06:14 PM

She's an art student, so she uses it for pen and ink sketches, and she says she really likes it. Her Art teacher thought it was neat as well.

its_virgil 10-21-2015 06:29 PM

I've been buying those inserts for years. Sometimes from The GoldenNib, sometimes from Exotic Blanks but the first ones I bought were from Stiles and Bates long before anyone was selling them. Good to have another source. Don't need the tubes or nibs. I wish they would just sell the inserts.
Do a good turn daily!

Skie_M 10-26-2015 09:11 AM

Well, I'll be getting a set of ten in today to play with ...

I'll leave a review here in a day or so concerning how well I think they're writing.

I have some fountain pen ink (disposable ink tube) that I'll dump out and use for my dip pen ink.

I want to see how smoothly they write, or how scratchy, and see if they can be fine tuned for better writing.

I also want to see how sturdy the connection to the pen body is, how well they attach and detach for cleaning/changing the nib, and how well they can be used for general purpose calligraphy. (For this last part, I'll be sending them to my brother, who's taken calligraphy lessons.)

Skie_M 10-26-2015 08:36 PM

Now for some really bad news ....

The quality of this writing instrument must be horrible.

I just got my package in today, and the nibs are NOT as shown or described on PSI's website. They are a deep dark cobalt blue and come to a NEEDLE POINT. They are VERY sharp.

I see how they are meant to be inserted into the collar, but it's a press fit collar rather than one you screw in, and the fit is extremely TIGHT ... I'm not sure I can press this nib in by hand at all, much less do it without gashing my fingers open from that super sharp tip.

How is this supposed to be a writing instrument? It will just tear through anything I touch it to! Any writing accomplished will have to be with an extremely light touch, and will be very scratchy.

I haven't attempted to actually finish and assemble one yet, just my 2 cents on what I'm seeing when I opened the package. Hopefully, this dismal discovery will be overturned by actual testing and performance later, but this was very disappointing, so far.

edstreet 10-26-2015 09:54 PM

I have a set on order. Will post when it's here and time to work with it.

Mr Vic 10-26-2015 10:44 PM

The nibs they show look like drawing nibs and are not really designed for writing/calligraphy. The last batch I made using the brass tubes and the insert are rather tight and tend to pull out with the nib. I believe I go back to the method Don mentioned and use with out the tubes. You can get a dozen inserts only at for $8.95

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