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Cwalker935 11-12-2017 07:42 PM

Meesha’s first pen
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Meesha is 10 years old and quite the survivor. She fought cancer for three long years of her short life and has suffered greatly from all of the destructive treatments. Despite all this she is a active, happy, beautiful, and pleasant little girl. Thankfully she is currently cancer free and has been for several years. We had an impromptu Pen turning session today and she made her first pen. She had to stand on a little stool and did quite well with the turning, sanding and finishing. She wanted to keep the protective cap on the refill to keep it safe.

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SpecialV4213 11-12-2017 07:44 PM

That's quite inspiring, to say the least!

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Wce274 11-12-2017 08:07 PM

Looks very good keep up the good work and a very inspiring story as well glad she is doing better and cancer free god bless

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mark james 11-12-2017 08:18 PM

Meesha - Well done!

Your first pen is wonderful. I hope you enjoy it for many years (but it's only a pen, the memories are more important), cherish the companionship of turning it, as well as the friendship that accompanied it's creation. You have had many challenges, but I hope better options are in your future.

Be well, Mark

magpens 11-12-2017 08:20 PM

Congratulations, Meesha !!!!

mark james 11-12-2017 08:20 PM

Cody... Well done!

DJBPenmaker 11-13-2017 02:44 AM

How lovely, she won't forget her first pen and neither will you. Happy days.

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kruzzer 11-13-2017 06:06 AM

great job Meesha, keep it up

Jim15 11-13-2017 08:12 AM

Bless her. Tell her the pen looks great.

zaqdesigns 11-13-2017 09:01 AM

Congrats! It's a beautiful pen!

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