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What did you have to do differently turning the ebonite?
The only thing really different was the heat. You can't let it get hot at all. I know that is usually said about most acrylics, but even so I regularly use sandaper as a "skew jr." to get them to finished shape with no problems at all. With the Ebonite, it burns really easily. Even the ribbons coming off are scorched, and if you heat it, the surface bubbles and it is impossible to finish. This was easily seen as I used the disk sander to square the blanks, so just be careful with the final sanding and finishing. Oh, also use tools you don't mind sharpening about a zillion times...I used carbide and it was still rough on the tool

This is elegant and beautiful. Every part of it...even the thumb print on the end cap
I prefer to call it cheap copy protection, now it is identifiable as my own work Oops
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