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Originally posted by Dario
<br />
Originally posted by timdaleiden
[V]Will it never end?[V]
At this rate, I am afraid it won't. [V]
At the risk of being accused of supporting Eagle and agreeing with him [:p][;)]
I have to say that if he does not want to share his system for making laminations that is his business.... He has developed a system for producing finely laminated pen blanks that I doubt I could do..
Personally I will share whatever meager knowledge I have of pen turning with anyone dumb enough to listen to me... but that is just the way I do things...
Eagle has made a lot of us think "outside the box" and that is a good thing... we all need to do that or we become stagnent... there are a lot of other turners here that have done the same... not all have shared how they do things.. or maybe at best they gave us "hints" that made us think about how we might go about doing something..
I am working on something that is a combination of a bunch of "hints and ideas" that I gleaned from others here on the site.. will it work, I sure hope so... will it be perfect, I also hope so but doubt it.. the first iteration of a concept rarely is.

Eagle and I have had our problems... that is a well known fact.. but I know I respect his talents and his ability to produce new and exciting pieces. Am I ticked off that he won't tell me how to do it.. NO.. I like to think that I am smart enough to figure it out given the time and proper tools. I also would like to think that if I did figure it out and posted an Eagle Clone Pen, he would tell me what I did right and/or wrong... and I could also accept that.

Nuff Said.. I am now getting off the soap box.
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