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Well, the 4th act started today...and abruptly ended in an intermission. Ok, this play analogy has officially run its course. Anyway, the bushings arrived. They look great, the fit is tight, very good work. I started with the 7mm bushings making a razor...only to drop my live center. No big deal, not the first time, not last that I'll do that. Only this time it must have shaken something loose. I put it on and immediately heard a noise from the tailstock. Huh, I thought, I wonder if it'll go away? Nope. It added a bit of vibration just enough that I couldn't get smooth cuts on my finishing passes. So off to woodcraft tomorrow for a 3rd new live center... Maybe I should get a higher quality one? Oh the joys of finding wholly new and exciting ways to screw things up. :D
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