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Wow just put this up last night and get here this morning and see this many responses is great. I see others are wanting to try these too so that is a good thing. I also see again a variation of answers that I thought would happen because just like most things we do with pen blanks there is more than one way to do things. I will be experimenting for sure as I said I have 2 different resins.

Being Ron gave a detailed description and shown a great close up of his example pen I will pose this question to him. I am assuming even though you use a little dab of CA to glue parts, my hands are not as steady as they use to be and there is bound to get CA outside the parts. Will this glue show when cast or will it disappear do to the resin and is one resin better at this than another??

Or if anyone else has done an experiment with different resins have you found one better than another for hiding glue drops???

One last question does the material you use weather it is painted tube, fiber tube, or something else matter with the visibility of the glue?? Also is a certain material easier to adhere to???

Thank you all and hopefully this will help others too now and in the future when it can be linked to. Have to say this being another first brings back memories when I spun my first pen. Not knowing what to expect.
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